Quilt Blog

  • Reflections Quilted Wall Hanging | Featuring upcycled fabrics

    It may have taken me 2 years to finally get her up on the blog, but I promise this is no reflection of how long this modern wall hanging takes to stitch up. Super quick and perfect for featuring your upcycled fabrics!
  • Ultimate Aurifil Thread Shopping Guide | 45+ stores to source your thread

    It's finally here! The ultimate shopping guide to help you find Aurifil Thread in the exact colour, thread weight and spool size you need! Plus, there's a free cheat sheet to download so you have the links at your fingertips!
  • What’s in Your Sewing Bag Wife-Made?

    If you're on the hunt for quilty inspiration with a side of chuckles, then look no further than Wife-Made. Xanthe has a knack of bringing humour to everything she does, plus she's got a keen eye for design. Click to get in on the quilty fun!
  • Shattered Star Quilt – the Blue & Coral Artisan Cotton Version

    How long do your quilts stay basted before you dive in and quilt them up? I'm sharing some behind the scenes insight on how long my quilts stay basted for and why some stall at this stage of the quilt making process.
  • Improv Landmark Quilted Wall Hanging

    Ever wondered what you can make from the scraps leftover from a quilt project? Turns out, there's quilty gold just waiting to be discovered in your fabric scrap pile. You just need to be open to the quilty possibilities!
  • Plus Infinity Quilt – The Scrappy Version

    Bust through your fabric scraps with the rainbowtastic version of the Plus Infinity quilt pattern. Newly updated so you too can breath new life in your pretty fabric scraps!
  • Which Way Up Quilt | Modern Improv + Hand Quilted

    Looking to be inspired by just the thread you have sitting in your stash? The Which Way Up quilt was an exploration is improv hand quilting using 4 different thread weights for all the quilty texture!
  • What’s in Your Sewing Bag Stuart Moores Textiles?

    Calling all fiber lovers! Come immerse yourself in the wonderful hand dyed fiber world of Stuart Moores Textiles as Shelagh shares her passion for her craft and gives you a sneak peek at the goodies she keeps in sewing bags.
  • Quilty Texture through Thread | Club Tissus x Shannon Fraser Designs Part 3

    How much thought have you given to your thread? Is it something you consider to be an integral part of your sewing or an after thought, something to just make do with? I ask because, for the longest time, I didn't give the stringy stuff much thought. In fact, I was usually on the hunt for whatever was easiest and cheapest until that all changed.

  • A day in my studio | Club Tissus x Shannon Fraser Designs Part 2

    Ever wondered what a day is like here at Shannon Fraser Designs? Today's your lucky day! Club Tissus and I are taking you behind the scenes on a day in my life in the studio.
  • Landmark Quilted Wall Hanging | Urban Quilting Book

    It's been so hard keeping this one under wraps from you since early 2020! Today I finally get to share with you the modern quilted wall hanging I made from the new Urban Quilting book. Come check it out!
  • Plus Infinity Quilt featured in Curated Quilts Magazine

    So excited to share the original Plus Infinity quilt was featured in the latest issue of Curated Quilts Magazine. I'm sharing with you a little about how this quilt came to be!