Pattern Corrections

You can find any pattern updates and corrections listed here.

CLOUD SURFING QUILT - March 19, 2021 - Added graphics on Fabric Cutting Diagrams to show how many of each directional piece to cut (important if using printed fabrics). Added clarity for when the trim the large oval blocks. Updated Step 5, bullet point 4 to read B3v3, instead of B3v2.

PLUS INFINITY QUILT - March 4, 2021 - Revamped the pattern with new step-graphics. Added instructions to make one from fabric scraps. New 63" x 63" quilt size added.

GUIDING LIGHTS - December 10, 2019 - Updated graphic in Step 3. No other changes were made.

FLIGHT PLAN - August 7, 2019 - Added new section for Rolakan Baby Flight Plan quilt instructions. No other changes were made.

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