Improv Landmark Quilted Wall Hanging

 Improv hand quilted landmark wall hanging | Shannon Fraser Designs #quiltedwallart

What’s your favourite way to use up fabric scraps leftover from your quilt projects?

Mine is to dive into an improv quilting session, let loose and just have fun with the trimmings 😊

It’s always an adventure and quilty challenge to see what can be made out of those cuttings.

I know it can sometimes just feel like a bunch of ‘waste’, but I promise there’s golden quilty opportunities just waiting to be discovered by you.

Improv Landmark hand quilted wall hanging at the end of the dock on a sunny summer day. This modern improv quilt was pieced with the fabric trimmings from the Landmark wall hanging. Great scrap buster | Shannon Fraser Designs #quiltsinthewild

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Remember the Landmark quilted wall hanging I shared with you a few weeks ago? Well, I still had plenty of fabric scraps leftover and I was curious to see what could become of them. I was particularly curious to be doing some improv with the colour brown! Not my typical go-to colour, but I challenged myself to use it in the Landmark quilt and I wanted to see it’s potential in an improv quilt.

While the piecing was not as complex as some of my previous improv pieces (looking at you Improv Cloud Surfing Wall Hanging and House of Cards quilt), there were several partial seams that needed to be contended with. Beyond that, this one was a breeze to stitch together.  

My goal was to retain some of the structure and clean lines featured in the original Landmark quilt pattern, without it being as orderly.

Big stitch hand quilted details on the Improv Landmark quilted wall hanging. Small projects are perfect for adding in hand stitched details for ultimate texture | Shannon Fraser Designs #handquilted


Once I had the top pieced together, I was excited to dive in and add all the quilty texture with lots of big stitch hand quilted details. This was one of the few projects I brought up to the lake with me when we first self-isolated due to the COVID lockdown. I loved having both the Landmark wall hanging and this improv wall hanging to work on. There’s something very soothing about settling in for a hand stitching session.

What was even more fun though, was switching up my hand quilting style. On the Landmark wall hanging, my stitches enhanced the inherent geometrical nature of the design of the quilt pattern. While on the improv version, I opted for more organic improv stitch work to see how that would add dimension and movement to the quilt. I do love those curved stitches!

Curved hand quilted details on the Improv Landmark  wall hanging. So fun to sneak in improv stitch work and allow the organic shapes to emerge | Shannon Fraser Designs #handquilting


One of the things I love about using solid fabrics on the back of my quilts is seeing my stitch work pop. I keep meaning to make a whole cloth quilt entirely hand stitched so that I can see this approach in full effect.

Back view of the Improv Landmark quilted wall hanging. The hand quilted stitch work design makes a fun pattern on the backside of the wall art. | Shannon Fraser Designs #quiltsinthewild


Along the way, my creative goal with these was to create two wall hangings using the exact same fabrics and thread choices but approaching one entirely in a planned way and the other entirely improv. Since I felt the Landmark quilt needed faced binding to allow the buildings to extend into infinity rather than be cut off by binding, I opted for faced binding on the improv version too! It makes for a really clean effect and allows the design to ‘float’.

Improv Landmark wall hanging made from the scraps leftover from quilting the Landmark quilt | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernquilts


Here’s a full list of the fabrics I pulled solely from my stash for this one:

Turquoise Linen (*here’s a substitute
Brussels Washer Line Dried Linen
*Ruler – you’ll definitely want one of these to make cutting a breeze. 
*50wt Aurifil Thread for piecing 
*Pearl cotton thread for hand quilting 


Fabrics featured in the Improv Landmark quilted wall hanging | Modern fabric pull for the modern home | Shannon Fraser Designs #fabricpull Shannon holding the Improv Landmark quilted wall hanging at the end of a dock! This one was made from scraps and then hand quilted for all the quilty texture and detail | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernquilter

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I hope this has inspired you to think about the quilty fun you can have with your quilt project fabric scraps. If you need additional inspiration, I’d love to give you and your guild members a lecture on Improv Through Pattern Project Scraps. And if you need help in taming your scraps, then take the free 7-day Scrap Sorting Challenge!

What’s your favourite way to use up your fabric scraps?

Happy quilting!




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