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  • Quilty Texture through Thread | Club Tissus x Shannon Fraser Designs Part 3

    How much thought have you given to your thread? Is it something you consider to be an integral part of your sewing or an after thought, something to just make do with? I ask because, for the longest time, I didn't give the stringy stuff much thought. In fact, I was usually on the hunt for whatever was easiest and cheapest until that all changed.

  • Sew Organized with the Sit-N-Sew Pincushion | January Aurifil Artisan Challenge

    Nothing like the New Year to spur on some cleaning and organizing! A tidy sewing room makes for more efficient quilting! I'm sharing my go-to DIY notion that I can't get through a quilting session without! BONUS - it takes less than an hour to make!
  • Top 5 go-to stretches for a modern quilter after a day of quilting

    Quilting got your muscles feeling stiff and sore? I'm sharing my top 5 go-to stretches after a long day of sewing.
  • Martelli Round-about Cutting Mat | A Modern Quilter’s Review

    Have you picked up a rotating mat only to find it doesn't spin? Yup, been there! I went on the hunt to find the best rotating mat and my research led me to the Martelli Round-about Cutting Mat. I'm sharing my review with you today!
  • Why I love Aurifil Thread | 2019 Aurifil Artisan

    I'm so beyond thrilled to be part a 2019 Aurifil Artisan! I didn't always know the importance of using quality thread, but once I did I sought out the best. I'm sharing with you today my top reasons for loving Aurifil Thread!
  • What’s Inside My Travel Sewing Bag

    Take a peek inside my travel sewing bag and see the essentials I can't start a trip without! Plus, see what non quilting items I also sneak in there.
  • Top 5 Podcasts for Quilters & Creatives

    On the hunt for some listening pleasure while tackling your quilty tasks? You're in luck! I'm sharing my top 5 podcasts for quilters and creatives.
  • Top 10 Quilting Tools to Get Started Quilting

    I'm sharing the top 10 quilting tools you'll want to get started quilting. This is the essentials that every quilter should have in their quilty tool kit!
  • What’s in My Travel Sewing Bag

    I'm sharing a no-holds-bar view inside my travel sewing bag - the unedited version!
  • Kona Cotton & Aurifil Colour Charts

    These little colourful cards are hands down one of my favourite things to keep in my sewing studio! They make planning and designing so easy. Plus, ordering online becomes a no brainer. You always know the exact colour you'll receive in the mail!
  • Favourite Quilting Tools

    A few must have tools in my quilting studio!