Brown, yellow, cream, chambray linen and indigo blue denim modern improv quilted wall hanging | Lectures offered by Shannon Fraser Designs #quiltlectures

Looking to book a fun quilty chat? I love talking all things quilting and would love to book some time with you and your guild! Here's a list of the current lectures I'm offering:

Lecture 1: Finding your creative practice through a 100-day project 

Looking for ways to develop your quilty creative practice? Let me share how taking on a 100-day project can help you do just that. I'll share with you my first 100-day experience, how I picked my topic, how I kept it manageable, the challenges I faced, the quilt I created through the journey and what I learned from sticking with this creative challenge. I'll also share tips on how you can successfully navigate this challenge to reap the most of out it and build a lasting creative practice. 

Lecture 2: Improv through pattern project scraps 

Ever wondered what to do with those fabric scraps leftover from tackling a quilt pattern? Try improv! In this lecture, I walk you through how I set myself up to make the most of my project fabric scraps and how I use it as an opportunity to let loose and channel my creativity. This is all about discovering the possibilities that can be created from leftovers and thinking outside the quilty box! I'll share quilts I've created using this approach and share tips on how you can use this approach in your own quilty practice. Quilting is expensive, let's maximize our fiber dollars! 

Lecture 3: Quilty Fabric & Colour Play 

Struggling to narrow down a fabric selection for your quilts? I get it! The number one question I get asked is "How did you decide on that colourway?" In this lecture, I'll share different sources of inspiration that can help guide your fabric pulls and I'll share several quilt examples to walk you through exactly how I pulled the selection together so you can 'see' it in action. I'll also share some "check-in" questions you can ask yourself to make sure you're heading on the right track!

Trunk Show

My trunk shows are structured to be more free flowing and walks you through a selection of my quilts – this could focus on hand quilting, improv quilts, pattern based quilts or a mix of it all! If you want me to walk you through my quilting journey with some highlights to date, that’s an option too. This one is really custom built based on a topic your members want to learn more about. These are meant as interactive sessions where members can ask questions about the quilts as we go.

All lectures and trunk shows are offered virtually and are 1 hour in length with a period for Q&A. Contact me to schedule your session.