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  • Ultimate Thread Storage Solutions

    Storage - such a hot topic when it comes your sewing room. And one notion that seems to accumulate is spools of thread! Small spools, large spools and cones are all part of the quilting fun, but how do you go about organizing all the stringy stuff? That's what today's post is all about - top thread storage solutions just for you!
  • A day in my studio | Club Tissus x Shannon Fraser Designs Part 2

    Ever wondered what a day is like here at Shannon Fraser Designs? Today's your lucky day! Club Tissus and I are taking you behind the scenes on a day in my life in the studio.
  • Welcome to my studio | Club Tissus x Shannon Fraser Designs - Part 1

    It is with great excitement that Club Tissus and I welcome you into my sewing studio! Come take a peek inside my quilty world!
  • Improv Quilted Storage Boxes | Organize Your Fabric Scraps

    Now that you've tackled the 7-Day Scrap Sorting Challenge here is just one of the fun scrappy projects to use your organized scraps.
  • Quilted Sewing Machine Cover

    A fun scrappy project that also protects your sewing machine and brings cheer to your sewing room!