Plus Infinity Quilt featured in Curated Quilts Magazine

Plus Infinity quilt the solid green and blue version featured in Curated Quilts magazine | Modern quilt pattern | Shannon Fraser Designs #plusquilt 

Have you ever found yourself refreshing your browser for the status update on a shipment you’re eagerly awaiting?

As if the act of refreshing the page will somehow encourage the status bar to magically progress more quickly!

That was me this entire past week waiting for the arrival of a parcel.

And then - it finally arrived - juuuuuust as I was packing up to leave the city for a few days. Isn’t that always the way?! I do love it when I intercept a package instead of having to traipse to the local pharmacy for retrieval 😉

I’d been waiting for the latest issue of Curated Quilts Magazine to show up ever since I found out last fall the original Plus Infinity quilt was being featured in their Plus issue – wahoo!

Curated Quilts magazine on top of my Plus Infinity quilt that was featured in the Plus Quilts issue | Modern quilt patterns | Shannon Fraser Designs #quiltmagazine

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This quilt got designed when I’d only been quilting for 2 years. The length of time really isn’t all that important, I mention it only because I realize how ‘new’ I was to quilting – ha!

What I love is that she came to be through the evolution of a design that initially started through playing with fabric scraps.

Surprise, surprise right?! I know, I have a weakness for them. What can I say, they perpetually inspire me. (I even offer a virtual lecture on the topic)

I’d just designed the Spring is in the Air quilt pattern  and I had these pretty trimmings just sitting there.  

The colours and prints in Tamara’s Frolic collection were just so uplifting at a time that I really needed some cheer!

Spring is in the Air quilt in the summer wild | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernbabyquilt

Frolic fabric fat quarters featured in the rainbow Plus Infinity mini quilt | Plus Infinity quilt featured in Curated Quilts Magazine | Shannon Fraser Designs #plusblock

That play session led to the Rainbow Plus mini quilt (which became the Plus Infinity mini quilt). Those pluses were just too cute I wanted to explore that plus design further and see how I could play with depth and repetition using the one design element. The Plus Infinity quilt is the result of that exploration. It's a series of pluses, in various sizes, within one another. It's my quilty version of a hall of mirrors - here, the pluses go on into infinity.

So, when RJR Fabrics reached out to invite me to participate in their What Share Are You blog series, I knew instantly it would be the Plus Infinity quilt that I would finally bring to quilty life!

Plus Infinity quilt on a foggy summer morning | Modern plus quilt pattern featured in Curated Quilts | Shannon Fraser Designs #crossquiltAll the shades of blue, green and yellow Cotton Supreme solids fabrics that were featured in the Plus infinity quilt featured in Curated Quilts Magazine plus issue | Shannon Fraser Designs #quiltingcotton 

What I didn’t expect was that I’d end up playing with greens and blues instead of all the shades of coral – ha! You can read more about how I went from 100% being sure I’d play with all the shades of coral to somehow wind up playing with all the green and blue hues set against the softest shade of yellow in this post.

Plus Infinity quilt with Curated Quilts magazine it was featured in sitting on top | Modern quilt pattern | Shannon Fraser Designs #plusquilt

3 different versions of the Plus Infinity quilt pattern out in the wild | Plus Infinity featured in Curated Quilts Magazine | Shannon Fraser Designs #plusquilt

The plus motif is so much fun to play with and Curated Quilts Magazine’s Plus Issue does a fantastic job of showcasing all the quilty fun you can have. For all the modern cross quilt inspiration, grab your copy of *Curated Quilts here and save 10% with code KK2DFC!

What colours would you feature in your Plus Infinity quilt?

Happy quilting!




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