Ultimate Aurifil Thread Shopping Guide | 45+ stores to source your thread

Large spools of Aurifil Thread in 50wt from their Color Builder Series | Ultimate Aurifil Thread Shopping Guide 45+ locations | Shannon Fraser Designs #aurifilthread

On the hunt for quality 100% Egyptian cotton thread?

I’ve got you covered!

One of the top questions I get asked is where to find Aurifil Thread.

I so feel your pain because it took me awhile to find them too. When I first started quilting, I didn’t have a clue about thread. I thought thread was thread. Turns out thread not only makes a difference in the quality of your stitch work, but it can also be a feature of your sewing and quilting projects.

Ultimate Aurifil Thread Shopping Guide: 45+ locations to shop for your favourite 100% Egyptian cotton thread. Download the Cheat Sheet at Shannon Fraser Designs

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Once I understood the importance of thread, I was on the hunt to find the best. Only thing was, most of the big box stores didn’t sell Aurifil Thread.

What was a quilter to do?!

This is where joining my local Montreal Modern Quilt Guild came in handy. It allowed me to connect with like minded creatives and it’s also where I met Stacy, the co-owner of Craft de Ville. Stacy was the first shop that I found that carried Aurifil Thread and she’s still my main go-to. Plus, I just love how she lists the products in her shop, but more on that in a minute.

To save you time on hunting down the stringy stuff, I’ve pulled together a list of shops for you to peruse. The list is a combination of my own personal shopping experience combined with recommendations you shared with me on Instagram.

Since we’re a global community, I’ve decided to break down the list by region in the hopes that you’ll be able to support a local shop and reduce your shipping carbon footprint.

Every little bit to help mother nature 😊

Aurifil Thread large spools from the Color Builder series | Where to shop for Aurifil Thread #shoppingguide


One of the tough things about sourcing Aurifil is finding all the thread weights they offer. Also, you specifically asked me about who carries cones!

To help you out on this front, I’ve created a cheat sheet on the following 45+ quilt stores, fabric shops and online retailers and identified what size thread spools they carry as well as the thread weights they offer.

A quick heads up that this is not an exhaustive list but gives you a good overview of what your thread shopping options are. Also, things are ever evolving in online shopping, so this information is accurate as March 9, 2021.

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Aurifil Thread showing the different thread weights they come in | Ultimate Aurifil Thread Shopping Guide with free download | Shannon Fraser Designs #threadweight



Amitié Textiles 

Oz Quilts 

Quilter's Store

Said with Love 

Sewn & Quilted 

Strawberry Thief  


Along Came Quilting

By Towne Threads

Carol's Quilt Shop

Cindy's Threadworks

Cleaners Supply  Ashley from @thequiltblondefox was super sweet to respond to my Instagram story inquiry and shared her #1 go to place for Aurifil Thread in 50wt. They have an awesome selection of colours, but only 1 thread weight and only in large spools.

Club Tissus  Club Tissus recently added Aurifil Thread to their stores and online shops! They’re carrying almost the full gamut of thread weights and spools. The only thing I didn’t see were cones.

Country Concessions  

Craft de Ville  Stacy’s shop is where I purchased my first spool of Aurifil Thread. I love that her shop is setup similarly to the Aurifil color cards making it super easy to order the exact colour and thread weight you need. Love that!


Keystone Modern Creative

La Boite a Quilt  This is a relatively new shop here in Quebec and I suspect they’ll be adding more goodies as they grow.

Mad About Patchwork 

Mon Fil 

Peachtree Quilts 

Pins & Needles Fabric 

Quilter's Cupboard 

Sew Curated  My quilty friend Lisa just recently opened her shop and is already stocking Aurifil Thread. Her selection already includes 12wt, 40wt and 50wt. Plus I noticed she’s got some cones too!  

Sew Karenly Created  Several of my out East quilty friends recommended this shop and they all mentioned her amazing customer service. Love that!

Stache Fabrics 

Stich by Stitch 

The Quilt Store 

Thread Count Fabrics 

Wawak Canada  This one was recommended several times by both US and Canadian friends. They have a US and CDN site, so you get to shop in your preferred currency. Plus, their pricing is pretty hard to beat. But you’re limited to 50wt in large spools.



Depending on where you’re located, the following international friendly options might be your best bet.





Barn Yarns  I found this one while doing some research and loved that you could purchase by thread weight and spool size. That makes me happy!

Sew Hot – This one came highly recommended by Claire (Made Just Sew) who mentioned this place “has a really good range and super fast delivery” which, let’s face it, we all want 😉

Quilt Direct 


Crimson Tate - My quilty friend Giucy Giuce recommended Crimson Tate for Aurifil goodies. If you’re on the hunt for Aurifloss, 40wt or 50wt, I’d check ‘em out!

*Fat Quarter Shop - When my US friends ask me where to find Aurifil Thread, I normally point them to the Fat Quarter Shop because their selection is pretty awesomesauce. They pretty much carry all thread weights and all spool sizes, including cones! But they don’t have all the colours, so it can be hit of miss on that front.

Hawthorne Threads - I’m not sure when Hawthorne Threads brought Aurifil into their stores, but they have an excellent selection to meet your quilty needs.

Hancock's Paducah

Missouri Star Quilt Co. - This shop is on my wish list to visit! And I’m happy to report they carry a selection of Aurifil Thread, mainly small and large spools in 12wt, 28wt, 40wt and 50wt.

Nest/ Feed Mill Fabric & Quilting

Pumpkin Vine Corner - I found this one while doing some research and wowzers, they’ve got a great selection.

Red Rock Threads

The Thread Exchange

Twisted Threads Fabric

Wawak USA - This one was recommended several times by both US and Canadian friends. They have a US and CDN site, so you get to shop in your preferred currency. Plus, they’re pricing is pretty hard to beat. But you’re limited to 50wt in large spools.

Aurifil Thread Shopping Guide: where to shop for Aurifil Thread 45+ locations

I hope this helps you find the right thread for your quilt projects. I also encourage you to pick up a *color card to make ordering online and planning your projects a breeze! And if you’re not seeing your favourite place to score Aurifil Thread, please share in the comments below!

Don’t forget to download your cheat sheet here!

Happy stitching!




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  • Thanks for the cheat sheet! Thread is so confusing, right up there with needles but I’m learning slowly!

    Linda G
  • Amazing resource!!

  • FYI – Country Concessions is listed here as being located in the US. We are in fact in Cookstown, Ontario, Canada.

  • This is so helpful…thank you so much for this info! Missouri Star Quilt Co. is on my list of places to visit too! I’m in Missouri so I’m surprised I haven’t been yet…I see a road trip in my near future!

    Jenny Gastler

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