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  • #1 Tool to Safely Remove Pet Hair from your Quilts (+ a cautionary tale)

    Got pets in the house? Then you most likely have fur on your quilts too! I'm sharing the #1 tool that's helped me get those pesky hairs off my quilts and I bet you already have it in your house!!
  • #1 Pin Basting Tool Every Quilter Needs to Know About

    I'm sharing the 1 tool that was a pin basting game changer. I went from spending hours pin basting, only to end up with raw, indented and pricked fingers - ouch. This tool changed all of that and I'm sharing it with you today!
  • 5 Things Every Quilter Should Know about Batting Rolls

    Have you considered the benefits of bolts of batting? Today I'm sharing the 5 lessons I learned from taking the bolt batting plunge!
  • Favourite Thread Weight | April Aurifil Artisan Challenge

    I'm sharing a round-up of my fave projects featuring my favourite thread weight!
  • Mushroom Pinnies with a Twist | Patchwork Gifts Book Tour

    I'm so excited to share this cute and fun project from my friend's new book: Patchwork Gifts. These little mushrooms are meant as pincushions, but I switched it up and stuffed mine with catnip as a toy for Pips!
  • Sit ‘N Sew Pincushion Pattern | Modern Quilter's Sewing Station

    The Sit 'N Sew Pincushion is all about  a FUN & FAST sew that will have you organized and loving your sewing room! Scrap friendly and super quick to piece, this little pinnie makes the perfect gift. Betcha can't just make one!
  • Martelli Round-about Cutting Mat | A Modern Quilter’s Review

    Have you picked up a rotating mat only to find it doesn't spin? Yup, been there! I went on the hunt to find the best rotating mat and my research led me to the Martelli Round-about Cutting Mat. I'm sharing my review with you today!
  • Aurifil Artisan Collection 2019

    Here's the full unboxing of the Aurifil Thread included in my Artisan Collection for 2019! There are so many pretty colors and thread weights to play with -- I can't wait to dip in and explore!
  • Why I love Aurifil Thread | 2019 Aurifil Artisan

    I'm so beyond thrilled to be part a 2019 Aurifil Artisan! I didn't always know the importance of using quality thread, but once I did I sought out the best. I'm sharing with you today my top reasons for loving Aurifil Thread!
  • What’s Inside My Travel Sewing Bag

    Take a peek inside my travel sewing bag and see the essentials I can't start a trip without! Plus, see what non quilting items I also sneak in there.
  • Big Stitch Hand Quilting Thread – List of 20+ Resources for Pearl Cotton Thread

    The hunt was on for perle cotton thread and I'm sharing my journey as well as a full list of over 20 resources to help you find pearl cotton thread for all your big stitch quilting needs. Plus, I share my favourite quilting needles to accommodate the larger thread!
  • Top 10 Quilting Tools to Get Started Quilting

    I'm sharing the top 10 quilting tools you'll want to get started quilting. This is the essentials that every quilter should have in their quilty tool kit!