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  • Ultimate Thread Storage Solutions

    Storage - such a hot topic when it comes your sewing room. And one notion that seems to accumulate is spools of thread! Small spools, large spools and cones are all part of the quilting fun, but how do you go about organizing all the stringy stuff? That's what today's post is all about - top thread storage solutions just for you!
  • Aurifil Artisan Collection 2021

    New stringy goodies have arrived! I'm giving you a full peek at all the colourful threads included in my 2021 Aurifil Artisan Collection. Plus, I'm sharing details on the different thread spool sizes I stock and why.
  • Needle Turn Appliqué Wall Hanging and why thread basting was a game changer!

    A quilty story about revisiting a not so favourite quilting technique and finally diving into machine quilting with 12wt. Find out why thread basting before needle turn appliqué was a game changer!
  • Ultimate Aurifil Thread Shopping Guide | 45+ stores to source your thread

    It's finally here! The ultimate shopping guide to help you find Aurifil Thread in the exact colour, thread weight and spool size you need! Plus, there's a free cheat sheet to download so you have the links at your fingertips!
  • Which Way Up Quilt | Modern Improv + Hand Quilted

    Looking to be inspired by just the thread you have sitting in your stash? The Which Way Up quilt was an exploration is improv hand quilting using 4 different thread weights for all the quilty texture!
  • Quilty Texture through Thread | Club Tissus x Shannon Fraser Designs Part 3

    How much thought have you given to your thread? Is it something you consider to be an integral part of your sewing or an after thought, something to just make do with? I ask because, for the longest time, I didn't give the stringy stuff much thought. In fact, I was usually on the hunt for whatever was easiest and cheapest until that all changed.

  • Sew Organized with the Sit-N-Sew Pincushion | January Aurifil Artisan Challenge

    Nothing like the New Year to spur on some cleaning and organizing! A tidy sewing room makes for more efficient quilting! I'm sharing my go-to DIY notion that I can't get through a quilting session without! BONUS - it takes less than an hour to make!
  • Sunshine on a Saturday Morning Mini Quilt | Aurifil Thread & Olfa September Slice & Stitch Challenge

    Want to see what I whipped up on a sunny Saturday morning? I’ll give you a hint – it’s cute as a button and has lots of texture.
  • 2020 Aurifil Artisan Collection

    I received some happy mail the other from my favourite Italian thread maker and I'm sharing a full look into the fun thread colours I get to play with in my 2020 Aurifil Artisan Collection. Come check it out!
  • #1 Tool to Safely Remove Pet Hair from your Quilts (+ a cautionary tale)

    Got pets in the house? Then you most likely have fur on your quilts too! I'm sharing the #1 tool that's helped me get those pesky hairs off my quilts and I bet you already have it in your house!!
  • #1 Pin Basting Tool Every Quilter Needs to Know About

    I'm sharing the 1 tool that was a pin basting game changer. I went from spending hours pin basting, only to end up with raw, indented and pricked fingers - ouch. This tool changed all of that and I'm sharing it with you today!
  • 5 Things Every Quilter Should Know about Batting Rolls

    Have you considered the benefits of bolts of batting? Today I'm sharing the 5 lessons I learned from taking the bolt batting plunge!