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  • Sustainable Quilting through the Art of Improv | Modern Abstract Textile Art

    How's your fabric scrap situation? If you sew and quilt then you've got scraps! Today I'm sharing some tips on how to use those scraps to make your quilty practice more sustainable through the art of improv.
  • Improv Landmark Quilted Wall Hanging

    Ever wondered what you can make from the scraps leftover from a quilt project? Turns out, there's quilty gold just waiting to be discovered in your fabric scrap pile. You just need to be open to the quilty possibilities!
  • Which Way Up Quilt | Modern Improv + Hand Quilted

    Looking to be inspired by just the thread you have sitting in your stash? The Which Way Up quilt was an exploration is improv hand quilting using 4 different thread weights for all the quilty texture!
  • Modern Improv Quilted Pet Food Placemat - Perfect Last Minute DIY Holiday Gift Idea for Your Pet

    Don't get caught without a gift under the tree for your furry friend - whip up a quilted placemat for their food! They'll feel extra loved and you won't have to worry about all those crumbs scattered around their food bowl!
  • Cloud Surfing Improv Quilted Wall Hanging

    Got fabric scraps? Of course, you do! It’s a natural by-product of sewing and quilting. And it’s pretty awesome if you think of it. Instead of seeing it as “waste”, I like to see it as bonus opportunity to create again.

  • Improv Quilted Storage Boxes | Organize Your Fabric Scraps

    Now that you've tackled the 7-Day Scrap Sorting Challenge here is just one of the fun scrappy projects to use your organized scraps.
  • House of Cards | A Modern Improv Quilt

    Have you ever gotten mid-way through a quilt project and realized you hated the direction you were headed in? Read on how I found myself in such a quilty pickle and what I learned through the process.
  • The “F” Quilt – A Modern Improv Log Cabin

    This is a quilty story about following your instincts and paying attention to how you feel as you work through the improv quilt session.
  • Mondrian Improv Charity Quilt

    Here's what happens when I leave a MMQG meeting with a bag of scraps intent on using as much as possible for a bonus charity quilt.
  • The Making of an Improv Charity Quilt Block

    Got some scraps you're not sure what to do with? Check-out this fun improv charity block I made using only scraps!