2020 Aurifil Artisan Collection

Large and small spools of colorful Aurifil Thread + cones | 2020 Aurifil Artisan Collection | Shannon Fraser Designs 

Picture this, I was happily reunited with my sewing machine after another long spurt up North, when all of a sudden, the doorbell rings.

“Hmmm, who’s that?”

Off I go to answer the door to find my friendly FedEx delivery guy standing outside.

Now, my hubz loves to order online, so I am forever answering the door for parcels.

I kinda feel like shipping and receiving over here – ha! I kid. Kinda. 😉

So, I was delighted to hear him say “Package for Shannon.”.

For me?

Ohhhh – what could it beeeeeee?

As I was closing the door, I spotted the tell-tale tape from my favourite Italian thread provider – Aurifil Threads 😊

I instantly knew this was my very own 2020 Aurifil Artisan Collection.

Oh. Happy. Dayyyyy!

Aurifil Thread color card, large thread spools, cones and small spools included in 2020 Aurifil Artisan Collection | Shannon Fraser Designs #thread

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I’ve shared with you my love for Aurifil a few times. You can read more about that here and here, and I’m so beyond honoured to be accepted for a second time as an Aurifil Artisan.

When I first started sewing and quilting, I really didn’t give much thought about my thread choice. In fact, I’d say my objective was to find the cheapest possible (oh, hi! Fabric lover over here trying to save her quilty dollars for all the fiber goodies 😉). That is, until I heard thread described as the glue that holds your project together.

Mind blown.

That simple statement entirely changed my perspective about the stringy stuff.

Enter my love for Aurifil.

Ok, so back to my happy mail!

Since we each Aurifil Artisan gets different threads, I was eager to dive in and see what fun goodies awaited me. Here’s the actual unboxing I shared on Instagram.

And here’s a close-up of the spools and cones I get to play with this year.

Aurifil Thread cones, small spools and large spools in gray, cream, orange, brown, green and blue | 2020 Aurifil Artisan Collection | Shannon Fraser Designs #aurifilthread

If you want to bring any of these pretties into your own collection, I’ve listed out below all of the colours and thread weights featured in my collection, including:

8328 small spool in 12wt wool
Sea Biscuit 6722 small spool in 40wt
Sea Biscuit 6722 small spool in 28wt
Sea Biscuit 6722 small spool in AuriFloss


Aurifil Thread spools in orange, yellow, beige, brown, green, and blue by thread weight | 2020 Aurifil Artisan Collection | Shannon Fraser Designs #threadweight 

And if you’re looking for ways to store you thread spools, here are my go-to options:

I love this *thread rack. My only issue with it, is that I’m already run out of room!

Wooden June Tailor thread rack with Aurifil Thread large spools in multi-colors | 2020 Aurifil Artisan Collection | Shannon Fraser Designs #threadrack

These *Aurifil Thread cases are perfect for storing your threads and love that they’re stackable. I actually use one to store my cut up *Kona Cotton colour cards!! 

Color cards from Michael Miller Fabrics, RJR Fabrics, Kona Cotton + Aurifil Thread case used to store cut-up Kona Cotton Fabric swatches | Shannon Fraser Designs #fabric

I also love re-using boxes as thread storage, like this *Ferrero Rocher chocolate box (I pick-up at least one of these every holiday season at Costco).

Ferrero Rocher Chocolate box used for storing thread spools | Shannon Fraser Designs #threadstorage

I’m super excited to dive in and see how I can feature these beauties in my quilty projects. Right off the bat, I’m itching to use the Limoni de Monterosso variegated thread – just look at how gorgeous she looks paired with Sea Biscuit, Salmon and Red Wine – yummynummy!

Large Aurifil Thread spools in yellow, variegated orange, salmon and red wine | 2020 Aurifil Artisan Colletion | Shannon Fraser Designs #thread

Your turn!! I’d love to know – do you get fired up by thread? Or do you stick by a tried and true colour? Share in the comments below 😊

Happy quilting!




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  • If my project has a lot of piecing I like using 60 wt threads as it makes the scant ¼ inch seams more accurate and the seams have less bulk. I adore Aurifil variegated threads! I use them for topstitching napkins or sewing in zippers in pouches. I’m am excited about color so to me threads just add to the excitement. Boring to only use a light grey or off-white thread when their is so much color in the world!

    Cynthia Gottlieb

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