Cloud Surfing Improv Quilted Wall Hanging

Cloud Surfing Improv Quilted Wall Hanging | Shannon Fraser Designs #wallart

Got fabric scraps?

Of course, you do!

It’s a natural by-product of sewing and quilting. And it’s pretty awesome if you think of it.

Instead of seeing it as “waste”, I like to see it as bonus opportunity to create again.

There is fun to be had with those remnants AND it also means keeping it out of landfills (yay) AND maximizing your fabric dollars (double yay!).

One of the ways I love using fabric scraps from my quilt projects is to dive into what I call my “freedom sessions”.

Fabric scraps used to create the Cloud Surfing Improv quilted wall hanging | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernimprovquilting

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This is where I let loose, abandon all measuring and following of a pattern and just “do me”.

It’s a glorious process that allows me to tune everything else out and tune in to my creative instincts.

There’s never a plan when I embark on these improv journeys; where I end up is as much a surprise to you as it is to me!

That’s all part of the modern improv quilty fun!


Here’s a quick refresher of what the Cloud Surfing quilts look like – both the baby and lap size (since they’re each unique in their own ways).

First up is the Lap size featuring a glorious combo of AGF PURE solids, paired with some AGF Denim and AGF Premium Linen. To say this one feels AH-mazing would be an understatement.

Cloud Surfing lap quilt in oranges, turquoise and AGF premium linen in the winter wild | Modern Curves Quilt Pattern | Shannon Fraser Designs #quiltingcurves

Cloud Surfing quilt pattern available in the shop.

Next up is the baby version which I think is just perfection for a modern nursery. This one is all about those Art Gallery Fabrics PURE solids and vibrant colours. How fun would it be for a little one to look at those curves and touch all that hand stitching – yummynummy!

Baby Cloud Surfing quilt in the winter wild | Modern curves quilt pattern | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernquiltpattern


For the improv version, I opted to combine the PURE solids from the baby version and sneak in a little linen from the lap version (you know me and my love of linen!).

Cloud Surfing Improv quilted wall hanging in orange,  pink, peach, burgundy, mauve and linen | Shannon Fraser Designs #handquilted

I then upped the tactile factor by big stitch hand quilting the entire thing! The fact that I was working on this project just as the pandemic hit and we had to leave the city seemed kismet. Since I couldn’t bring my sewing machine with me, it was the perfect project to work on while adjusting to the new reality. There’s nothing quite like the calm meditative process of hand sewing to calm those nerves!

I used a combo of thread weights and colours for added dimension and details, including: Aurifil Thread in 12wt and pearl cotton in size 8. I even snuck a little big stitch hand quilting on the back for the binding.

Hand quilting detail on the Cloud Surfing Improv wall hanging | Shannon Fraser Designs #quiltedwallhanging

Hand quilting details on the Cloud Surfing improv quilted wall hanging using Aurifil Thread in 12wt + pearl cotton thread in size 8 | Shannon Fraser Designs #handquilting

Hand quilting details on the Cloud Surfing improv wall hanging featuring faced binding | Shannon Fraser Designs #quilt

And did you notice the faced binding? Yup, I’m on a kick using that binding technique – it’s just so seamless! Perfect finishing touch for a quilted wall hanging.

Which is exactly what this is. A modern improv quilted wall hanging that just sparks instant joy! Well, it does for me – hopefully it does for you too!

Shannon Fraser holding the Cloud Surfing Improv quilted wall hanging in the summer wild with clouds in the sky! | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernquilter

I tried capturing some shots of her in the quilty wild, but my hubz is wayyyyy too tall to sneak behind this lil’ cutie. Which meant rolls got reversed and I became the quilt holder and he the photographer. Not our finest moment, but gotta try to know 😉

Bottom line – I’m so thrilled to finally share this one with you!


Here’s a full round-up of the fabrics and thread I used to make the Cloud Surfing Improv quilted wall hanging:

*50wt white thread for piecing 
*Ruler & *marker for plotting my lines
12wt Aurifil Thread in 2425 for hand quilting 
Presencia Finca Pearl cotton thread in size 8 in peach and orange (shop list of resources here


Modern improv quilted wall hanging featuring fabric scraps leftover from the Cloud Surfing quilt patterns | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernimprovquilting

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Where would you hang this modern improv quilted wall hanging in your house?

Happy quilting!



PS if you’re in need of help taming your scraps – take the FREE 7-Day Scrap Sorting Challenge and get inspired to make with those pretties!


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