Quilted Sewing Machine Cover

Improv quilt blocks made from linen and floral prints in purple, orange, turquoise and yellow | Quilted Sewing Machine Cover | Shannon Fraser Designs
This project really started because I had two triangles of this really cute Dear Stella Piper Dots print  leftover after I made bias tape and I just had to make a project out of them!  

Coincidentally (or fate – who knows?!) I started working on my first quilt around that very time.  I was so taken with my first quilt, but I didn’t want to start my first quilting experience directly on my newly pieced together quilt top.  I had been meaning to make myself a sewing machine cover to replace the ever so stylish plastic one that came with my machine.  I thought – this is it!  

I decided to just start piecing together the left over fabric from my quilt.  Funny how things sometimes just come together organically when you let your creativity go!   

Center front quilted panel featuring Dear Stella prints forming triangles | Quilted Sewing Machine Cover | Shannon Fraser Designs

Top view of the quilted sewing machine cover with pink tulip and colorful dot binding on the table | Quilted Sewing Machine Cover | Shannon Fraser Designs

As you can see the dots triangles take center stage on the front of my sewing machine cover!  Since they weren’t exactly the same size, they don’t match up perfectly, but I purposely left it to remind myself that quilting isn’t about being perfect – which really tests my perfectionist tendencies!! 

Something so simple and yet it brings me lots of happiness every time I remove it to start my day of sewing and replace it to mark the end of my day. 




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