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  • Ultimate Thread Storage Solutions

    Storage - such a hot topic when it comes your sewing room. And one notion that seems to accumulate is spools of thread! Small spools, large spools and cones are all part of the quilting fun, but how do you go about organizing all the stringy stuff? That's what today's post is all about - top thread storage solutions just for you!
  • 30 Days of Improv Quilt Along for End-of-Summer Fun

    A special invitation for some end-of-summer improv fun!
  • What’s in Your Sewing Bag Michelle Bartholomew?

    Have you wondered about the merits of keeping a well stocked sewing kit? Today's What's in Your Sewing Bag guest touches on the benefit of having a clutter free quilting bag so you can focus on the essentials that work for you!
  • Sustainable Quilting through the Art of Improv | Modern Abstract Textile Art

    How's your fabric scrap situation? If you sew and quilt then you've got scraps! Today I'm sharing some tips on how to use those scraps to make your quilty practice more sustainable through the art of improv.
  • What’s in Your Sewing Bag Arabesque Scissors?

    We're heading down under to visit my quilty friend Ali, from Arabesque Scissors, to sneak a peek inside her handmade sewing kit perfect for taking your quilty projects on the road!
  • Aurifil Artisan Collection 2021

    New stringy goodies have arrived! I'm giving you a full peek at all the colourful threads included in my 2021 Aurifil Artisan Collection. Plus, I'm sharing details on the different thread spool sizes I stock and why.
  • Jolly Jelly Quilted Table Runner for Velvet Showcase

    Summer is heading our way and outdoor entertaining is going to kick into high gear. Prime opportunity to dive into some pretty fabrics and stitch up your own homemade Jolly Jelly quilted table runner!
  • Lunar Eclipse Quilt Pattern - Modern Curves Quilt in Spectratastic II

    Bring movement and dimension into your quilty practice by diving into the world of piecing curves! The Lunar Eclipse quilt pattern is the perfect introduction to quilting curves and will open up so many quilt possibilities for you! Embrace those curves!
  • One Hundred and Eighty Degrees Quilt | Molinari Montreal Modern Quilt Guild Challenge

    This one has been a long time in the making. 5 years to be exact – ha! Never did I think this one would sit unfinished for so long, but sometimes ...
  • What’s in Your Sewing Bag Amy Sinibaldi?

    Feeling like you need all the tools and notions to start being creative? Today's What's in Your Sewing Bag guest is dispelling the notion that you need all the fancy tools to get started and encourages you to just dive in!
  • Needle Turn Appliqué Wall Hanging and why thread basting was a game changer!

    A quilty story about revisiting a not so favourite quilting technique and finally diving into machine quilting with 12wt. Find out why thread basting before needle turn appliqué was a game changer!
  • Reflections Quilted Wall Hanging | Featuring upcycled fabrics

    It may have taken me 2 years to finally get her up on the blog, but I promise this is no reflection of how long this modern wall hanging takes to stitch up. Super quick and perfect for featuring your upcycled fabrics!