Favourite Thread Weight | April Aurifil Artisan Challenge

Mod Rose Modern Aztec Quilt featuring 28 weight Aurifil Thread

I’m super bummed! I had THE funnest project planned for you to showcase my favourite Aurifil Thread weight and then – BAM – Covid hit and lots of plans had to be postponed.

Since I had to pack up and leave unexpectedly, I’ve found myself without my sewing machine.


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Sit 'n Sew pincushion with 2 spools of Aurifil thread in 40wt and 28wt | Shannon Fraser Designs

Pictured above is the Sit 'n Sew Pincushion - pattern available in the shop.

This is the time that I probably would have benefited the most from having my machine, but it turns out food trumps sewing machine when you’re short on car space 😉

Not ideal when your Aurifil Artisan April Challenge – Favourite Thread Weight – project is due this month.

It’s obvious now that I won’t be back at my machine any time soon so, instead of showing you my nicely quilted Ecliptic quilt featuring this glorious lavender shade in my fave 28wt, I figured I’d show you several projects that feature my favourite thread weight!

Ecliptic quilt featuring Tilda Lazy Day and Essex linen with lavender Aurifil Thread spools | Shannon Fraser Designs

Pictured above is the Ecliptic quilt - pattern coming soon!

Now, I need to back up for just a minute, because 28wt wasn’t always on my radar.

Crazy, I know!

When I first started quilting, I honestly didn’t even know there was such a thing as different thread weights. So, it took me a minute to go from zero thread knowledge to slowly experimenting with my stringy fiber options. I’ve shared my love of Aurifil with you before, but the reason why I love it so much is because so many of my stitching / tension issues came to an end when I made the switch to 50 weight. Then I heard of 40 weight (AKA the green spools) and loved the thicker stitches this weight offered. You know me and my love for texture and 40 wt gives that little extra extra compared to the 50 wt. It blends beautifully, but still has that little bit of extra elevation and thickness that I really dig.

I was in a groove – piecing my quilts with 50 wt and quilting them (mostly) in 40 wt (50 wt snuck in there too when I had the right colour/ project for it). It was a glorious groove and then I discovered 28 weight (the lovely gray spools).

Guiding Lights quilted wall hanging in gray with ombre corally pink diamonds | Shannon Fraser Designs

Pictured above is the Guiding Lights quilt block pattern - available in the shop.

Now, I’ll admit, I was a little intimidated by this thread weight.

I couldn’t help wondering:

“Will my non-existent tension issues resurface?”

“Will I have to use a different thread weight in the bobbin?”

“Do I have a free bobbin?”

Ha! Tell me I’m not the only one who worries about these quilty things! 😉

Not sure how long my first spool of 28wt that I picked up at Craft de Ville (shoutout to my Montreal makers on the hunt for your Aurifil goodies) sat there on my *thread rack waiting to be tested out.

Tip – I love having my *Aurifil Color Card  on hand to plan my projects and it also makes ordering online super easy. Stacy, from Craft de Ville, lists out her shop by colour row so you can easily order by colour number, spool sizes and thread weight! It’s honestly the best place I’ve discovered for ordering exactly what you want!!

Rocksteady quilt featuring plum, gray, light blue and white | Shannon Fraser Designs

Pictured above is the Rocksteady quilt.

And then - BAM – I tried it and was instantly smitten!

I don’t know if it’s because I stitch on a *Juki, but I had zero, nada, nil, tension issues. I did test her first, but from test patch to actual quilting, I never had any problems finding that perfect balance.

So, not only was I tension problem free, but the results of those gloriously chunky stitches left me convinced that 28wt was here to stay!

In full transparency, if I had to find one problem it would be this – you have to refill your bobbin more frequently than then 50wt and 40wt. The thicker thread weight means that it takes fewer winds to fill. Ergo having to wind more bobbins. Not a huge con, I just mention it in case you have a similar lazy tendency like me when it comes to winding bobbins!

Oh, and the best part?

It comes in cone size! Which reminds me, did you know all Aurifil Thread weights come in cone format (except 80wt & Floss)? My trusty friends at Aurifil confirmed the amazing news!

Which is uber important to me, given how many times I’ve already used my 28wt in Dove (All. Time. Fave.).

Aurifil Thread 28wt cone in the color Dove over improv quilt | Shannon Fraser Designs

You can see 28wt in action in the following quilted projects:


Mod Rose Modern Aztec quilt featuring 28wt Aurifil Thread | Shannon Fraser Designs

Pictured above is the Modern Aztec quilt pattern available in the shop.

Clearly, I have a love for chunky stitches. If that’s your jam too, then I highly recommend giving 28wt a try. I always recommend starting with the large spools so that you have enough time to really test out a thread to see if it works for you. That is, after all, how my love affair with Aurifil started!

Now that I’ve rambled on about my love for Aurifil 28wt, I’d love to know what your favourite is – share it in the comments below 😊

Happy quilting!




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