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 Colorful solids Sit 'N Sew pincushion filled with sewing notions with a few spools of Aurifil Thread in light turquoise, light peach and orange

Do you have a favourite make? 

Something you turn to whenever you need to satisfy a sewing itch? 

Pincushions are definitely a go-to project for me. They’re super quick to make. Their cuteness always makes me smile. And I love that I get to dive into my scrap bins and take a little trip down fabric memory lane before creating something new and fun.  

Sit 'n Sew Pincushion filled with essential sewing and quilting notions | Shannon Fraser Designs

Sit 'N Sew Pincushion now available in the shop. 

This style of pincushion with the hanging sleeve is the very first pincushion I ever made alllll the way back when I first started sewing. Being a fairly organized person, I love having my notions and tools all set up and easily accessed when I’m in the throws of a sewing project. And this lil’ pinnie does that in spades. 

So, how did this one come to be?  

Close up of Sit 'n Sew pincushion showing off stored sewing notions in the pockets | Shannon Fraser Designs


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Picture this, it was Springtime and I had been on a multi-month kick to figure out how to sew. I’d been making a bunch of things all on my own through trial and error (zip pouches, aprons, lavender sachets, pillows and bags). But I really wanted to up my stitching and finally signed up for a pillow class. They instilled some basic principles that were new to me – you know, like how to pin properly and some simple sewing organization, pincushions being one of them!  

Original Sit 'n Sew pincushion I ever made | Sit 'n Sew pincushion | Shannon Fraser Designs


Inspired by these teachings, I went home to start sewing and realized I needed to have my own set-up too. So, I spent time figuring out what basics I needed and designed this pincushion to keep them at the ready. I went years with the same pincushion, until last year I noticed a little hole in the pinnie and realized it was probably time to retire her and update my studio. 

Sit 'n Sew pincushion in Rollakan fabric collection from FIGO Fabrics | Sit 'n Sew Pincushion | Shannon Fraser Designs 

Pictured above: *Rollakan fabrics leftover from my Harvest Falls and Flight Plan quilts.  

Even though she’s small, she packs a fun visual punch! I see her every time I walk by my studio and I love the little pops of colour she brings every time I sit down to sew at my machine.   

I also have this one, made from scraps from my Modern AztecTable Runner featuring *Sonata. She hangs out on my ironing board and keeps ironing specific tools at the ready. 

Sonata fabrics Sit 'N Sew pincushion with 3 spools of pearl cotton thread and a pair of rose gold stork scissors | Sit 'n Sew Pincushion Pattern | Shannon Fraser Designs

I love that they serve as a visual reminder of previous quilt journeys. 

I feel so strongly about these little pinnies that I’ve made quite a few as gifts for new sewists and quilty friends. They really do make for a perfect gift or swap idea. And did I mention they’re quick to make too?! 

Here are just a few examples of the Sit ‘N Sew Pincushion I’ve made over the years. 

3 different versions of the Sit 'n Sew pincushion I've made over the years | Sit 'n Sew Pincushion Pattern | Shannon Fraser Designs



This lil’ pinnie has received so much love and requests for a pattern, that I finally pulled her together for you! 

Now, the principle of these is to just have fun and work with what you have in your stash. But I know it can be fun to follow a pattern to get a feel for the design and piecing steps. Just keep in mind that there’s lots of fun to be had by letting loose and piecing without a set plan in mind. Use this as a guide to explore new ideas, try new blocks and, above all, just have FUN! 

Kona Solids in bright corals and blues with linen scraps and then turned into a Sit 'n Sew pincushion | Sit 'n Sew Pincushion Pattern | Shannon Fraser Designs

Here’s a full list of features: 

  • Skill level – beginner friendly!
  • Instant PDF download so you can get stitching right away!
  • One size: 7ʺ x 3 ¾ʺ with a 6ʺ x 6ʺ hanging sleeve.
  • Step-by-step graphics so you see how the pincushion should look at each stage of piecing.
  • Tips and links throughout the pattern to help you achieve quilty success.
  • Multiple design colourways to inspire you.
  • Colouring page so you can plan your own.
  • Feel free to customize this to your own needs. The pattern is meant as a guide and includes tips to customize and make this pinnie work with the tools you love and use most.
  • Did I mention she’s scrap friendly?!

She’s quick. She’s fun to piece. She’ll have you sew organized. Plus, she makes the BEST gift for your favourite makers. 


These pincushions don’t require much fabric to whip them up. Here’s what I

featured in mine: 

*White Thread – piecing 
*Peach 28wt Thread – quilting 
Salmon 40wt Thread – quilting 
*Red 50wt Thread – quilting 
Light Turquoise 40wt Thread – quilting  
*Pins or *clips  
*Thread gloss (optional) 



I’m so lucky to have some of the BEST pattern testers out there. And I couldn’t be more thrilled with the positive feedback I received from them after they tested her out. Here are just a few of the comments I received: 

“SHANNNON! I adore this pattern! It was so easy to put together!” Anjeanette

 “What a fun pattern!! I found it simple to follow and I loved being able to use all scraps that I already had 😊” Abbi 

“What a fun and quick sew!” Kate & Julie 

“There’s something very satisfying about being able to start and finish a project in one sitting.” Janice

I asked my testers to follow the pattern as is to ensure the pattern was 100% accurate and easy for you to follow. But the whole point of these pinnies is to have fun, use up your fabric scraps and just have fun. The pattern is meant as a guide, with lots of opportunity to explore and play.  

With that said, check out these adorable Sit ‘N Sew pinnies: 

 Colourful Sit 'n Sew pincushion stuffed with essential sewing notions with some cute hexies scattered around | made by Ange from A Little Patchwork | Shannon Fraser Designs

Photo courtesy of Ange from A Little Patchwork.

Ange from A Little Patchwork always has the most adorable fabrics tucked away in her stash. I’m always zooming in to see the details on her fun prints. This li’ Sit ‘n Sew pinnie would totally cheer me up to see her on the daily! 

Sit 'n Sew pincushion hanging on Angela's sewing table in front of her Janome sewing machine | Sit 'n Sew Pincushion Pattern | Shannon Fraser Designs

Photo courtesy of Angela from Spicy Redhead. 

Angela from a Spicy Redhead whipped up this fun version that has me dreaming of spring! 

Sit 'n Sew pincushion filled with essential quilting notions hanging on Cecilia's sewing table with spools of thread on a rack in the background | Shannon Fraser Designs

Photo courtesy of Cecilia of Cecivas. 

Cecilia from Cecivas had me at the strawberry print – ha! I do love strawberries 😉  

Sit 'n Sew Pincushion filled with Tula Pink sewing and quilting tools in the hanging sleeve + unicorn pins in the pin cushion sitting in front of Tula Pink sewing machine | Shannon Fraser Designs

Photo courtesy of Colette from @rcwfam. 

I got so distracted by all the *Tula Pink loot tucked away in Colette’s cutie petutie Sit ‘n Sew pincushion that I almost missed the fun scissors print! Plus, I think I may need some of those *unicorn pins!! She's locked and loaded and ready to sew! 

Sit 'n Sew Pincushion in orange, navy, peach, turquoise and beige solids with sewing notions scattered around | Sit 'n Sew Pincushion Pattern | Shannon Fraser Designs

Photo courtesy of Abbi from Abbi Quilts. 

Abbi dove into her fabric scraps and found these gorgeous blue, orange and turquoise solids to work with – yummynummy! 

Sit 'n Sew Pincushion featuring sewing notions fabric print with hanging sleeve filled with actual sewing notions | Sit 'n Sew Pincushion Pattern | Shannon Fraser Designs

Photo courtesy of Anjeanette.  

Anjeanette took it next level by adding a pretty little lace detail.  

Close up of Sit 'n Sew Pincushion with pearl head pins and hanging sleeve filled seam ripper, scissors, seam ruler, maker tool

Photo courtesy of Julie from The Little Pine Needle. 

I adore the stitching details Julie added to her pinnie. This is making me wish I had some fancy stitches on my Juki! 

Sit 'n Sew Pincushion in purple solids and gray prints with additional hanging sleeve added

Photo courtesy of Frieda. 

Feel free to customize your pinnie to make it suit your needs. Just like Frieda did when she added a second hanging sleeve to the other side. Genius! Double the storage 😉 

Sit 'n Sew Pincushion in linen prints and solids with hanging sleeve filled with hera marker, scissors

Photo courtesy of Janice from Prairie and Ocean. 

Janice was so fired up she made her pinnie in one sitting and loved it. Love how she's storing her little clips on there too! 


All that’s left is for you to get in on the pinnie fun!  

Sit 'n Sew Pincushion with sewing notions scattered around | Sit 'N Sew Pincushion Pattern | Shannon Fraser Designs

Grab the Sit ‘N Sew Pincushion pattern, head straight to your scrap stash and join the fun with #sitnsewpincushion on Instagram. 

Happy quilting! 




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