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Plus Infinity quilt in blues and greens on the dock in front of a lake in the summer time | Shannon Fraser Designs

I’m so excited to finally get to share my latest pattern with you!! 

This quilt has been a long time in the making - since early June in fact! And I'm so excited to finally get to share her with you! Secret sewing is fun, but, gosh, is it hard not being able to share ALL the details with you!! 

I designed the Plus Infinity quilt pattern specifically for the What Shade Are You blog series. 

Haven’t heard of it? Well, you’re in for a treat! 

Plus Infinity Quilt in the wild on a dock in front of lake in the summer time | Shannon Fraser Designs

The Plus Infinity quilt pattern is now available in the shop.

RJR Fabrics has been hosting the What Shade Are You series over on their Quilt with Love site for quite some time now (website is no longer available). They invite quilters, sewers and makers to participate, give them carte blanche to make whatever they want using their Cotton Supreme Solids fabric collection and allow them to explore their creativity. Fun, right?!! 

Suffice it to say, I was completely excited, honoured and jumping for joy at the chance to play! 

Just look at these colours I got to choose from! 

RJR Fabrics Cotton Supreme Solids Color Cards

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To say it was a tough decision would be an understatement. But I managed 😉 

I initially thought I would go with coral (you know my love for coral!), but I kept being drawn to all these gorgeous shades of blues and greens.

I just love how the pattern showcases the various hues beautifully! But I really adore how the colours change depending on what colour they are paired next to. Ah, the fun of playing with colourways! 

Solids fabrics in various shades of green and the cut up into quilt pieces for the Plus Infinity quilt | Shannon Fraser Designs


The beauty of the Plus Infinity quilt pattern (well, all my quilt patterns, in fact) is that there is lots of room to make it your very own. I've included a colouring page to make this even easier for you to plan out. No need to cut into your beloved fabric stash until you’re 100% satisfied with the choices you’ve made. 

And I've included two sizes - a generous lap size measuring about 70" x 70" (because who doesn’t love to be wrapped all snuggled in a quilt on the couch?!) and a queen size finishing at 91" x 91". 

The best part is, she comes together really quickly! Don't you love a quick finish?! Once you get past squaring up your HST, it's ALL smooth sailing from there on out! 

Bowl full of fabric trimmings from half square triangles and a plate full of half square triangles

Chain piecing the Plus Infinity quilt on my Juki, block mid construct and RJR Fabrics Cotton Supreme solids color card in blues and greens

She’s quick to piece due to all the chain piecing involved. So, if you love a good chain piecing session, then this is the pattern for you! Put on your favourite tunes or catch-up on your latest podcasts (here are my current top 5 faves) and enjoy some quality time with your sewing machine! 

Before you know it, you’ll have a fully pieced quilt top ready for basting! 

Close up of the hand quilting and machine quilted details on the Plus Infinity quilt laid out on the floor | Shannon Fraser Designs

When it came time to quilt, I went for my trusty 40wt Aurifil Cotton Mako Thread in the colour *Light Turquoise. This colour paired perfectly with all the different shades of blues and greens in this quilt. Honestly, I think light turquoise is a new fave of mine, it seems to go with everything! 

For some added texture, I decided to add some big stitch hand quilting using *pearl cotton thread in size 8. If you love texture, then hand quilting is a great way of achieving that. But, if that’s not your jam, there are still lots of quilting options to make this quilt pattern uniquely your own! 

Bowl full of pearl cotton thread in greens and blues with a corner of the Plus Infinity quilt showing hand quilted details | Shannon Fraser Designs

Plus Infinity quilt in the wild

Close up of hand quilting detail and backing on the Plus Infinity Quilt | Shannon Fraser Designs


With the holidays coming up, this is an ideal quick quilt project to make and gift. The recipient is sure to thank you on all those cold winter nights they’re snuggling up in the cozy quilt you made them 😉

Be sure to tag me on Instagram @shannonfraserdesigns and use #plusinfinityquilt on your post so that I, and all our quilty friends, can ooh and ahh over your beautiful new quilt! 

The best part is, the Plus Infinity quilt pattern is available as an instant digital download! So, there’s no impatiently waiting for a delivery to come! You can get started right away 😊 

Happy quilting!




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