May is for Makers: Patterns 4 & 5

Apples and Oranges sewing kit | May is for Makers: Pattern 4 & 5 | Shannon Fraser Designs

Oh my, where has May gone?! This month has just flown by! Before May officially comes to an end, I wanted to share the last two patterns I purchased in support of May is for Makers.

During these past few weeks, I've found so many amazing patterns, which has made it such a challenge to narrow down my selection. I have been back and forth over my now extensive list of options and finally opted for the cutest pin cushion and a stunning paper pieced star.

I'm been trying to figure out a better travel sewing kit and I had been considering a mini apple quilt pattern, when I found the most adorable apples and oranges sewing kit!

I am a true apple lover! I eat one pretty much every day and I love the idea of having a little apple sewing kit, by Straight Stitch Society, to toss in my travel quilting bag.  How cute and fun is this little thing going to be?!

Apples & Oranges quilt pattern | May is for Makers | Shannon Fraser Designs

I stumbled upon the Celestial Star quilt by From Blank Pages in my first week of research and it has stayed top of mind since.  My only hesitancy was that it’s a paper pieced pattern. But the design is just stunning and the colour options truly endless.  Plus, I just couldn't get her out of my mind. Needless to say, I'm happy to have her in my “to quilt” pile ;)

Celestial Star quilt pattern | May is for Makers | Shannon Fraser Designs

This has been such a fun and informative journey.  Not only am I getting to support indie artists in a community that I just adore, but I have also discovered some truly amazing talent along the way! I've been all over #mayisformakers and have so enjoyed seeing everyone’s purchases. It’s fun to see which projects are being planned!

In case you missed my earlier purchases, here's a quick link to Week 1, Week 2 and Week 3.  




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