May is for Makers: Handmade Style

Handmade Style book by Noodlehead | May is for Makers: Pattern 3 | Shannon Fraser Designs

My third purchase for May is for Makers was a little easier this time.  I have been eyeing this book, by Anna Graham from Noodlehead, for quite awhile now.  Specifically, because I've been wanting to make the Market Tote. I mean it’s the cutest thing and I want one!

Handmade style book by noodle head shown with the May is for Makers logo

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I do have this thing with bags (and shoes…), but I really think it will come in handy for trips to the farmer’s market.  Plus, I think it will make hauling around my quilts in progress much easier.  At least that’s what I'm telling myself! 

And bonus, there are 22 other projects that I can tackle, including: clothing, a wallet and quilt patterns.  So this should keep me busy for quite some time!!

I picked mine up on *Amazon, since Anna’s site only ships to the US.  But if you have a US address, you can get a signed copy here!




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