Whimsical Quilt featuring Alchemy Collection

Folded Whimsical quilt featuring Alchemy collection

The wait is finally over!  But I promise it has been worthwhile!!  Here is the last of the 3 projects I completed for Camelot Fabrics as they got ready to launch several new fabric collections at the International Quilt Market back in October. 

Their Alchemy Collection features lovely shades of blues with geometric patterns and it's even prettier in person!   

Alchemy collection spread out and then shown with post it notes to keep track of the cut Whimsical quilt pieces

I’m in LOVE with this entire project.  The fabrics were beyond amazing to work with – they feel great, look great and stitch beautifully.  The Whimsical quilt pattern chosen highlights the geometric nature of the prints.  Which is why I kept the quilting linear and simple; I wanted the focus to be on the fabric, the quilt design and have the geometric layers really stand out.

As tempting as it may be, I don’t recommend chain piecing all the blocks at the same time.  While the design is not complex, it is easy to get turned around and attach strips to the wrong side.  But it is so rewarding and encouraging to see the blocks come together.  I particularly love the thin white strips in and around each block; it really showcases the gorgeous prints in the Alchemy Collection. 

Whimsical quilt featuring Alchemy Collection hanging in the corner with a beige wall behind it

This quilt is not only beautiful, but I can attest to the warmth and functionality as well.  Back in early October, we had a few cold days and it just so happened to coincide with my binding.  I had such a pleasant hand-binding experience all snuggled up underneath the quilt while catching up on shows!  And my excitement for the project got the better of me and I couldn’t resist sharing this sneak peak with you on Instagram.  Recognize it?!  

Back of Whimsical quilt as the binding was being attached by hand

Whimsical quilt block + Whimsical quilt folded up for close up shot

It was with mixed emotions that I turned in the Mickey Mouse & Friends Table Runner and Alchemy Whimsical Quilt just before Thanksgiving weekend.  I had such an amazing time working with the Camelot Fabrics’ team and Marion was just a stellar contact throughout that I was sad to see it come to an end!  And parting with the projects was really tough!  I’m keeping my fingers crossed we get to collaborate again!!

I would love to hear which of the 3 projects was your favourite?  The Flourish Saybrook Pillow, the Mickey Mouse & Friends Table Runner or this stunning Whimsical Alchemy Quilt?!




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