Mickey Mouse & Friends Quilted Table Runner

 Peaks & Valleys quilted table runner featuring Mickey Mouse & Friends fabric | Shannon Fraser Designs

This week I’m continuing to share the projects I worked on for Camelot Fabrics as they prepared for the launch of several stunning new fabric lines at the International Quilt Market that was held in Houston. 

I had just completed the Saybrook Island pillow and was well on my way to completing another project when I was asked if I could make another item.  I was having such a blast and was on a roll, I thought “why not?”!

I quickly packaged up the pillow and headed out to Camelot Fabrics’ offices to pick-up some fabric from their new Mickey Mouse & Friends Collection.  

Peaks & Valleys quilted table runner folded in half with the Donald Duck yellow backing peaking out

How cute is this!  I’m not one to gravitate towards licensed prints, which is probably why this was such a fun project to tackle!  Plus, I just love chevrons, so the Peaks and Valleys Table Runner quilt pattern was a design I was eager to try out.

If you are thinking of giving this project a go, I forewarn there is lots of cutting and trimming involved!  And I highly recommend having a design wall where you can lay out all your pieces.  Trust me, it is easy to get the orientation mixed up and there is nothing worse than having to un-pick stitches! 

Here are the initial squares all cut.

Mickey Mouse & Friends fabric collection fanned out | Peaks & Valleys quilted table runner | Shannon Fraser Designs


Then it was time to create all those cute half square triangles.  My new Pilot FriXion markers were perfect for this task.  And thank god for chain piecing, otherwise this step would have taken forever!

I was initially sad to be cutting up all the little Mickeys and Minnies, but in the end it is so cute to see their little noses and ears peeking out from the half square triangles!

Marking the back of fabric squares in preparation for half square triangles and then showing HSTs complete and in stacks

Corner shot of the Peaks & Valleys quilted table runner featuring Mickey & Friends fabric collection

Peaks and Valleys quilted table runner featuring Mickey & Friends fabric laid out against a gray wood grain background

While I had quilted before, this was my first attempt at binding; hand binding no less!  But it worked out beautifully and I actually really enjoyed the hand binding process.  It was oddly calming and relaxing.  I can’t wait to tackle this table runner pattern again; it would look gorgeous in their new Kaleidoscope Collection. 

Next week I’ll be sharing the last of the projects and it just so happens to be my favourite of the 3!




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