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Hand holding modern improv mini quilt hand quilted | Why I Create | Shannon Fraser Designs  

I’m always curious about what makes other artists and makers want to dedicate so much time to their creative work and I thought you might be interested in my story too. 

I’ve shared a little bit about why I started sewing and quilting through various posts, the newsletter and Instagram captions, but I’ve never sat and shared the full story of why I create. 

Louise the sock bunny on top of a stack of Pink Lemonade quilts | Why I Create | Shannon Fraser Designs #sockbunny

The quilts pictured above feature the Pink Lemonade quilt pattern available here.

My creative journey started out of a need for more creativity, this you know, but what I never really mention is WHY I needed that creativity. 

There were a lot of challenges, uncertainty, frustration and general burnout that I needed to deal with. And I needed to find a way to channel these emotions in a positive way. 

You see, not only was I stepping away from a career I had built over the better part of 15+ years, but I was stepping away to focus on starting a family. I’ve been going through fertility treatments for a long time now – well over 5 years – and to say that it’s been a challenging journey would be an understatement. 

There can be a lot of:

wondering what will happen 


And during that time, I found myself needing an outlet that brought me joy. 

Colour is one of those ways that I feel joy. 

Making also brings me joy. 

Green and blue modern improv mini quilt hand quilted | Why I Create | Shannon Fraser Designs  #modernminiquilt

Plus, it gives me the opportunity to:

Explore – new ideas and techniques.
Challenge myself beyond my comfort zone and grow.
See my ideas come to life.
Just play! When’s the last time you just allowed yourself some playtime?


All of this brings me joy and then that joy is doubled when I get to share my ideas and patterns with you and inspire you to create too. 

I like to think of it as the circle of joy.

Even when things are not joyful, I can find glimpses of joy when I create. 

So, I make. 

I make to help keep me centered.
I make to be creative.
I make to share with others.
I make to inspire others.
I make for my sanity – ha!
I make to be happy.

It’s become my outlet to help me stay grounded. Quiet my mind and work through things. Or, to even just get lost in the colour and texture that quilting offers. Allow myself a breather to just be – not worrying, over thinking or dwelling. 

So, that’s me. That’s why I create. 

Why do you create? 

I’m not sure I would have sat and shared this if it hadn’t been for LoveCrafts reaching out to let me know they’re hosting The Crafties - their Blogger of the Year Award. If you feel up to it, you can vote here

Thank you for allowing me to share this side of me with you. 




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