What's In Your Sewing Bag? Special Guest: Amanda Carye from Broadcloth Studio

 Camo LL Bean tote bag with quilting and sewing notions spilling onto a rug | What's in Your Sewing Bag? | Shannon Fraser Designs

Are you ready for the next installment of What’s In Your Sewing Bag series?

In case you missed the kickoff a few weeks back, you can read it here.

Otherwise, grab a hot cuppa coffee (or tea!) and settle in for the fantabulous and hilarious Amanda Carye – of Broadcloth Studio – a modern quilt pattern designer who shares my love for bold design. 

I’m not sure how Amanda and I first met (it was definitely on Instagram!), but I do know that I instantly loved her gorgeous designs and felt instantly connected just through our fun IG banter! You’ve probably participated in one of her fun quizzes that somehow always knows exactly what I am – hello Seam Ripper (you’ll need to take this test to know what I’m talking about 😉)!

Without further ado, let’s a take a peek inside Amanda’s sewing bag!

Amanda from Broadcloth Studio standing with her sewing bag on the streets of NY
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Tell us a little about yourself! How did you get started on your quilting journey?

I don’t come from a family of quilters, but I do come from a family of sewers.  I learned how to sew pretty early (family lore pegs me at about four years old), and like many of us, I learned from my grandma.  I was first introduced to quilting in middle school, when I tagged along with my cousin to a beginning quilting class at our local quilt shop. I learned the old-fashioned way by making a sampler, tracing and cutting my fabric pieces out one at a time using handmade templates (no rotary cutter for me), and hand stitching EVERYTHING.  

Fast forward to 2017: I’m in the process of transitioning my start up to a side hustle, looking for a job back in corporate America, and my stress levels have never been higher.  I find myself quilting again to cope with my stress (still ALL BY HAND). One thing leads to another and I start my quilting Instagram account @broadclothstudio And that’s when I discover the great wide quiltiverse that is the #IGQuiltCommunity. 

Fast forward to today and I’ve got a line of bold and modern quilt patterns, a collection of fun quilty personality quizzes (many stemming  from some quilty shenanigans like the Fellowship of the Quilt and Quiltmas), and am just about to launch a quilty podcast, Quilt Buzz (first episode goes live Thursday, March 26th!).  Oh, and I finally got a sewing machine a couple years ago, so I’ve sped things up a bit (though I do still love to hand quilt!). 

Camo LL Bean tote bag with quilting supplies spilling out onto a rug | What's in your sewing bag? | Shannon Fraser Designs 


What kind of sewing bag do you have? (e.g. did you make it? Buy it?) 

Because I’m toting at least two to three quilts at any time, I have a pretty big (but super lightweight) tote bag from L.L. Bean that is my official quilting bag. 


What are your all-star essentials? Your tried and true must haves that you can never run out of? 

It’s a pretty simple packing list: in addition to quilts and my camera, I’ve got the following stashed away in there: 

Amanda's all star quilting notions and tools | What's in your sewing bag? | Shannon Fraser Designs


What is your favourite item in your kit? Why? 

Oof, I can’t pick just one, I love them all! So, I’ll just say the bag itself is my favorite item.  I love this bag so much, I’ve converted Wendy @the.weekendquilter to it. And we got Anna @waxandwanestudio her own tote too so we could all match (since we’re co-hosts of the Quilt Buzz Podcast together, this felt like a legit situation to go all in on twinning).  I also bought every one of my family members this tote bag for Christmas.  No joke. 

Wow – that’s a strong case you’re making for this tote, Amanda! I may just need to get in on this twinning situation too – ha!  

Amanda from Broadcloth Studio's feet with an overhead shot inside her sewing bag with quilt 


What’s one thing we’d be surprised to find in your bag? 

I know liquids and quilts don’t mix, but I’ve got a bit of an obsession with iced tea (caffeinated or herbal: I love them all!), so that water bottle of mine is typically filled with tea (don’t worry, I put it in its own Ziploc baggie in case of spills!). 

Camo LL Bean tote, camera, quilt folded up, Swell water bottle and quilting notions and tools  


When do you find yourself using your kit the most? (Travelling, on the sofa, attending sew-ins?) 

I am frustratingly one of those people who gets car/bus/train sick and cannot focus on anything but staring out the window while traveling (as an avid reader, this has been the bane of my existence).  So, when it comes to my sewing bag, it has two main purposes:

  • To tote everything with me for a hand-quilting project to my parent’s house up in Boston (they’ve got a killer porch setup in the summer and a cozy fireside deal in the winter: both of which are perfect for quilting the afternoons away)
  • To tote at least two quilts and my camera around for #quiltsinthewild photoshoots on car trips

For someone who gets carsick, we sure do take a lot of car trips! 

Ugh, I’m with you on the carsick front. I wish I could stitch away while we road tripped, but staring out the window and being co-pilot is how I pass the time 😉 


What’s your favourite travel memory with your sewing bag? 

Since my bag plays double duty as both an on-the-go-sewing-studio and an on-the-go-quilt-photography-studio, I’ve got to say my favorite memories with it are less about the hand sewing I do while traveling, and more about the impromptu quilting photography sessions that happen when we’re on the road.  One of my most favorite was more planned and less impromptu, when Wendy @the.weekendquilter and I took the train down to Philly to meet up with Anna @waxandwanestudio for lunch.  One thing turned into another which turned into an afternoon running around the city taking quilt photos for each other, trying to keep a straight face for the camera (which is hard when you’re out of breath from laughing so hard at stupid jokes and running away from too-friendly-slash-curious squirrels!)! 

Gah – that sounds like SO much fun! Quilty shenanigans are the best – especially when on the road with your quilty besties! 


Tell people where we can find you? 

I’m always up for quilty shenanigans and love group projects of all sorts, so if you’ve got a silly idea, send me a DM @broadclothstudio (or email me at hello@broadclothstudio.com). 


Anything else you’d like to share? 

Make sure to tune in to Quilt Buzz’s first episode on Thursday, March 26th! And definitely don’t miss our second episode, which features Shannon as our guest 😊 

Yasss – I can’t wait for your podcast to kick off!! Podcasts are my go-to when basting away and I know tuning in to Quilt Buzz will be quilty good times!! 

Aurifil thread, quilting needles, hera marker, quilting hoop, ruler, camo LL Bean tote bag

Thank you so much, Amanda for sharing a peek inside your super cool (clearly must get) sewing bag and giving us a chance to get know you and your kit better.


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Happy quilting! 




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