Sonata Showcase | Modern Aztec Quilted Table Runner

Modern Aztec featuring Sonata collection designed by Amy Sinibaldi | Sonata Showcase | Shannon Fraser Designs #quiltedtablerunner 

Have I ever told you that I used to play the piano? 

As in 6 years of lessons and quite a few recitals when I was little girl? Yup, and I hated most of it!! 

Don’t get me wrong, I loved being able to play once I learned the song. But ALL that practicing was just the pits to me. My brothers would be off playing games or watching cartoons and all I wanted to do was join in the fun. Instead, I had to sit at the piano playing the same song over and over again until I got it. And don’t get me started on being the entertainment during the holidays for friends and family 😉 Ha! Good times!! 

Pink and blue hand quilted Modern Aztec table runner folded on the table | Sonata Showcase | Shannon Fraser Designs #handquilting*This post contains affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, if you click through and make a purchase, I may receive a commission. 

If only I had a better understanding and appreciation of what practice is and that through those practice sessions, I was honing a skill. I have way more patience now and have learned how to be disciplined, when needed, to get to an end goal. Much like quilting, it’s not really about the end result. I mean, it is! But, as I’ve delved further into quilting, I’ve really come to love the process of quilt making. There are so many lovely steps that I try and savour their beauty as I go through them. Even basting is growing on me 😉 

All that to say, while I highly disliked the practicing, my piano lessons gave me a love for music, particularly the classics like Mozart, Beethoven and Vivaldi. 


My hand holding a fat quarter stack of Sonata fabrics | Modern Aztec Table Runner | Sonata Showcase | Shannon Fraser Designs #sonatafabric

I probably never would have thought back on my piano days if it hadn’t been for playing with Sonata, Amy Sinibaldi’s  latest fabric collection for Art Gallery Fabrics. The entire collection is inspired by Amy’s love for Beethoven and symphonies and you can see that musical theme infused throughout this beautiful collection. 

There are two colourways you can choose from Ludwig and Beethoven. I was torn by which one to choose. They’re both gorgeous and offer lots of opportunity for play. In the end, I opted to combine some fabrics from both collections. I was drawn to those peachy/ light pinky tones paired with the deeper rich navy. 

Pink and blue Modern Aztec Table Runner with the back slightly folded up | Sonata Showcase | Shannon Fraser Designs #tablerunner


While the prints are very whimsical and soft, the table runner design is very geometric with bold sharp lines that form a chevron pattern that encourages the eye to move outwards. Much like a sound wave spreads out, so too does the Modern Aztec pattern. 

I also like the fact that the table runner doesn’t have an up or down – the design flows no matter what angle you’re viewing it from. 

Pink and navy Modern Aztec quilted table runner hanging on the wall | Sonata Showcase | Shannon Fraser Designs #quiltedtablerunner

Hand quilting detail using pearl cotton thread on the Modern Aztec table runner | Sonata Showcase | Shannon Fraser Designs #handquilted

Even the backing incorporates this musical theme. I just love the magenta print and wanted to really showcase the bold floral in all its glory. That was my starting point. I then played around with fabric pairings until I pulled out that background fabric. It was a trimmed piece that just looked so nice next to the magenta. I adore stripes, but these also made me think of piano keys, with the different colours representing different notes and keys. You probably don’t get that just from looking at it, but that’s exactly what I was thinking about while piecing this little quilt backing together. And all the while, I had totally planned on using some Essex linen for the backing. I thought the texture from the linen would be a good contrast to the light silky fabrics on the front. But, sometimes you just gotta go with what your instincts are calling for 😉 

Pink backing on the Modern Aztec quilted table runner | Sonata Showcase | Shannon Fraser Designs #artgalleryfabrics 

In my books, a quilt project isn’t complete unless it’s been labeled (find tips on making your own here). So, naturally, I made one. But, I’m on the fence about stitching it on. I kinda like the idea of having a reversible quilted table runner and I feel like the label would detract when showing the back side. For the time being, I’m going to hold onto the label and can always attach it at a later date. 

Pink and navy Modern Aztec table runner with pearl cotton thread balls on top | Sonata Showcase | Shannon Fraser Designs #pearlcottonthread

Corner of pink and blue Modern Aztec quilted table runner | Sonata Showcase | Shannon Fraser Designs

Flying geese and hand quilting detail on the Modern Aztec table runner | Sonata Showcase | Shannon Fraser Designs #quilting 

While I was working on this project, I realized I could bring her up to the cottage with me while I was away for the holidays. Hand stitching is one of my fave things to do up there, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to slow down and add more dimension and texture to the quilted table runner. 

Before heading off, I opted to first machine quilt using 40wt thread and then incorporated some big stitch hand quilted details while I was relaxing during the holidays. Narrowing down the thread colours was tough! There were lots of options I could have gone with, but chose to focus on only a few colours to keep everything cohesive. I love pearl cotton thread (here’s a list of places to find your own) for hand quilting, it just adds the perfect chunky little stitches that make my heart sing. 

So, it just seems like life has come full circle with getting to join two things I love – music and quilting. 

Big stitch hand quilted binding detail on the Modern Aztec table runner | Sonata Showcase | Shannon Fraser Designs #bigstitchquilting

Pink and navy hand quilted Modern Aztec table runner folded on the table with silver candlestick holders and white candles | Sonata Showcase | Shannon Fraser Designs #tablerunner


In case you want to make your very own, here’s a list of materials I used to make this table runner: 

Fabrics from Amy’s Sonata fabric collection, including: 
  • Magenta Pastoral 
  • Floral No. 9 in Sharp 
  • Ink in Light 
  • Josephine in Poetic 
  • Ink in Thunder 
  • Vienna in Moonlight 
  • Sinfonie in Melody 
  • Ode Eidelweiss 
  • Octet 
  • Vienna in Rosebeam 
40wt pink thread for quilting 
Pearl cotton thread for big stitch hand quilting & binding
Snips (*these are amazing if you have sore hands)
Thread conditioner – it’s a game changer if you haven’t tried it yet 😉


Sonata Fabrics featured in the Modern Aztec table runner | Sonata Showcase | Shannon Fraser Designs #quiltingcotton


I’m beyond thrilled to be supporting Amy and her recent Sonata fabric launch. This collection is so pretty and versatile, which is shown off wonderfully by the other talented makers participating in the Sonata Showcase

I hope you have the chance to pop over and see their beautiful makes. This is just one of the reasons I love participating in blog hops, I get to make something fun and pretty, I have the chance to support a quilty friend and I get to meet other amazing creatives and see how they interpret using Amy’s fabrics. It’s a win-win-win! I love those 😊 

Sonata Showcase January 2019 Graphic | Shannon Fraser Designs

Sonata Modern Aztec table runner folded on the table | Sonata Showcase | Shannon Fraser Designs #homedecor

I’m not sure what it is about Amy’s collections that always spark childhood memories in me (see my first experience working with Amy’s Playground collection), but I love how emotive her designs are. 

The Modern Aztec table runner pattern is now available!

Happy quilting!



PS – I’ll be knocking this one off my Q1 FAL 2019 list!


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