Shattered Star Quilt Pattern

Shattered Star Quilt - the Ruby & Bee solids version | Shattered Star quilt pattern | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernquiltpattern

Today’s the day the Shattered Star quilt pattern gets released into the quilty wild!!!

I’m so excited for you to get your hands on this modern design.

This one is for you whether you’re just starting out on your quilting journey or a seasoned pro. The fun lies in the fabric pairings you opt to feature in your quilt.

While the quilt design may look complex, the step-by-step graphics and instructions break it down for an easy piecing session.

Shattered Star Quilt - the Ruby & Bee solids version in the Fall wild | Shattered Star Quilt pattern | Shannon Fraser Designs #quiltsinthewild

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It’s always fun to know what goodies are featured in a quilt pattern, so here’s the full rundown:

The Shattered Star quilt pattern comes in 7 sizes, including:

  • Baby 45” X 44”
  • Crib 45” X 55”
  • Lap 75” X 66”
  • Throw 75” X 77”
  • Twin 75” X 99”
  • Queen 90” X 110”
  • King 120” X 121”

Features half-square triangles using the 8-at-a-time method for quick assembly.

Step-by-step coloured graphics to walk you through to piecing success! Plus, active hyperlinks throughout to more detailed tutorials.

Pressing directions at each step so your seams nest for nice sharp points!

Colouring page to plan your own fabrics.

7 additional colourways to inspire you.

Block labels to print out so you can keep track of your pieces.

Lots of opportunity for chain piecing, making for quick assembly of the quilt top!

The negative space in the design gives you ample area to play with your quilting design!

Plus, she’s just fuuuuun to make!


Me holding the Shattered Star quilt in the fall wild - features Ruby & Bee solids from Windham fabrics and uses the beginner friendly  Shattered Star quilt pattern by Shannon Fraser Designs #modernquilter

Here’s just some of the things my pattern testers have said about the Shattered Star quilt pattern:

I love this one from a new pattern tester: “I’ve been very impressed with the clarity and precision that your pattern is made with.” I love that kind of feedback!

Yes – I like to include as much detail and tips in my patterns so you feel like I’m right there stitching with you!

“It’s a fab pattern – I bloody love it!”

Ha – yup, my testers are definitely a passionate bunch!

Grab your Shattered Star Quilt Pattern in the shop. 


I often get asked where the inspiration for my quilt patterns comes from. There is no one place for inspiration, but it is fun to know the back story of a quilt design. So, I thought I’d let you in on a little secret!

Did you know this one stems from my #100daysofsfDminis

It’s true!

I originally stitched this one up on day 34 while working on my second 100-day project. While I was self-isolating at the lake during COVID (and away from my sewing studio), I was inspired to revisit and play with the design. There were quite a few designs that I came up with, but this one kept calling to me and had me the most fired up!


My original 100-day mini featured all different shades of blue and when I was playing with the design, these were the colours I used. I loved the blue ombre look so much, that I wanted to see that achieved on a larger scale. What I hadn’t anticipated was throwing in that coral at the very last minute! This stemmed from a late-night date with my fabric cabinet!!

Artisan Cotton solids in shades of blue with a pop of coral featured in the Shattered Star quilt the Artisan Cotton version | Shattered Star quilt pattern | Shannon Fraser Designs #fabric

I had to come back to the city to deal with some plumbing issues and took the opportunity to play with some fabric. I happened to have a stack of Artisan Cottons in my stash and pulled all the blues. I also pulled an Imagined Landscapes print called Seaside Daisy from Cotton + Steel and that’s where the coral came in! I was going to leave it solely featured on the back but, you know me and my love for coral.

Shattered Star Quilt the blue and coral Artisan Cotton version in the summer wild | Shattered Star quilt pattern beginner friendly | Shannon Fraser Designs #quiltsinthewild

In the end, I feel like it actually makes the quilt. It helps bring all those shades of blue together and allows that little strip to pop! Based on the comments I’ve received so far; you’re loving this little detail too! That little strip is such a fun opportunity for you to play up in your quilt too!

Close up Shattered Star quilt top featuring blues and coral in Artisan Cotton solids | Beginner friendly modern quilt pattern | Shannon Fraser Designs #quilting

You know my love for linen and these Artisan Cottons are giving them a run for their money – ha! The texture on these is pretty scrummalicious. And there’s a weight to them that feels glorious to touch and have sitting on you. Yup, that’s me – all about the tactile touch!


For the blue and coral Shattered Star quilt, I opted to feature these stunning Artisan Cotton solids from Windham Fabrics.



I can’t tell you how happy I was to see this one come to life! There’s a feeling I get when I’m designing and working with colours that instantly makes me want to get up and MAKE IT! It’s the best feeling, even though it’s kinda akin to having ants in your pants – you’re just itching to move!

Ever get that?

This is how I felt after mocking this one up.

Shattered Star - Ruby & Bee solids version laid out on the floor with the Apple print by Heather Ross' 20th anniversary collection popping out | Shattered star quilt pattern | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernquilts

When I stumbled upon the new Ruby and Bee solids designed by Heather Ross and Annabel Wrigley for Windham Fabrics I was smitten. The colours were just so bright and bold – exactly what I look for in my solids.

So, I was delighted when I checked out their colour options and discovered they had the PERFECT match to my mock-up! Wahoooo! That’s like hitting the quilty jackpot!

Ruby and Bee solids in orange, lilac, purple, pink and red paired with Heather Ross' 20th anniversary Apples print | Shattered Star quilt pattern | Shannon Fraser Designs #fabric

I had them sitting on my cutting table for almost a week before I was able to dive in and start cutting…and that was like torture – ha! I just wanted to feel them and see them stitched up together.

The instant I felt these I was in love. So much so, I reached out to mention just how fabulous these new solids felt. Turns out, they’re made from high density cotton making them extra soft and lovely.

The entire time I was piecing her, I just couldn’t get over how amazing the colours were and how good they felt to touch. Chain piecing these pretties was a total joy!

Half square triangles being chain pieced for the Shattered Star quilt featuring Ruby & Bee solids | modern quilt pattern by Shannon Fraser Designs #halfsquaretriangles

Once I had the quilt top pieced, I got her basted and marked up for some fun quilting! Inspired by some designs I’d tried in the *Walk book, I used the negative space in the quilt design to add some fun quilting details. I also love how the nested diamonds help draw your eye down through the quilt.

I initially planned to use *orange thread for the quilting, but then stopped for a minute and pulled every colour I thought could look good. In the end, I opted for *purple thread on top and orange for the bottom.

Quilting detail on the Shattered Star quilt - Ruby & Bee solids version using Aurifil Thread in 50wt purple and orange thread | Shannon Fraser Designs #quilting

Close up of the quilting detail in purple and orange Aurifil Thread on the Shattered Star quilt - Ruby & Bee solids version | modern quilt pattern | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernquilt

Plus, how cute does she look with the big stitch hand quilted binding? For all the tips on binding, check out

What amazed me was how quickly I was able to pull this one together!

In less than a week, I had her cut, pieced, basted, quilted and hand bound – say whaaaaa? That’s just crazy fast to me. So, if you’re on the hunt for a relatively quick make that doesn’t skimp on the wow factor, then this one is for you!


In case you want in on these goodies, here’s what I featured in the red and purple Shattered Star quilt:

Ruby and Bee solids (available November 2020) in:
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Lilac
  • Red
*50wt Aurifil Thread in colour 1133 for quilting (backing) 
Red pearl cotton thread in size 8 (big stitch hand binding – tutorial here if you want to add this detail to your binding too!)


Me holding the Shattered Star quilt Ruby & Bee solids version on the dock in the Fall time. Beginner friendly quilt pattern by Shannon Fraser Designs #quiltsinthewild


I just adore my pattern testers. They always bring their quilty a-game and offer up some stellar feedback and suggestions to make the final pattern A1 (that’s my version of awesome in case you’ve never heard of the A1 sauce 😉). Without further ado, check out these lovelies:

Gray and Red Shattered Star quilt stitched by Melva Loves Scrap and captured in the wild | Shattered Star quilt pattern | Shannon Fraser Designs #quiltsinthewild

How stunning is this gray version with a pop of red by Melva of Melva Loves Scraps?! She captured it beautifully with those clouds in the back!

Gray and purple Shattered Star quilt stitched by Frieda | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernquiltpattern

Gray seems to be a theme here! But what I love is seeing this one by Frieda paired with purple - such a different look compared to the one with the pop of red. 

Shattered Star quilt in orange, pink, mustard and white | Modern quilt pattern | Shannon Fraser Designs #quilting

This one stitched up by Janie is entirely different with a combo of mustard and pinks and yellow - just stunning!


Shattered Star quilt in blue and yellow stitched by Kim | Modern quilt pattern | Shannon Fraser Designs #quilts

Kim had a little fun with hers and shows just how versatile the Shattered Star quilt pattern can be! 

Shattered Star quilt - the Ruby & Bee solids version in the Fall wild

But first - don't forget to grab your Shattered Star Quilt Pattern!

Happy quilting! 



PS and don't forget to join the Shattered Star Quilt Along kicking off October 12!


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