Sew Organized | January Aurifil Artisan Challenge

Sit 'n Sew Pincushion frontal view with notions in the hanging sleeve 

Do you remember the first thing you ever sewed? Mine was a pair of gym shorts back in high school home economics class. I loved those shorts! 

Looking back, I should have known there was a talent there. I totally nailed the sewing lessons and walked out with an A in the class. But sewing just wasn’t a focus of mine back then. So, once class was over, I never really tried sewing again until several years ago. 

My hand holding the Sit 'n Sew Pincushion with hanging sleeve filled with quilting notions

Sit 'n Sew Pincushion, pattern available in the shop.

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When I did set out to learn how to sew, one of the very first projects I tackled was this pin cushion with hanging sleeve

First off, they’re super cuuuuuute!

They give you the chance to raid your scrap stash, looking for those fun itty-bitty pieces of your favourite print that you can’t bear to toss. 

Plus, they’re beyond practical. They keep all my essentials close at hand and right at my sewing machine where I need them the most. 

Sit 'n Sew pincushion laid flat with sewing notions scattered around - seam ripper, stork rose gold scissors, white glass head pins, mint green measuring tape

I’m never on the hunt for misplaced sewing tools – they’re always safely stored in their dedicated spot of the hanging sleeve. I don’t even have to look; I can just reach for the tool I need and keep working. 

I love them so much, I not only have them next to my sewing machine, but at my ironing table and next to the sofa (where I do a lot of hand stitching) too! Did I mention this style drapes so nicely over the arm of your sofa? 

Pretty and practical. Two features I’m always looking to incorporate in my makes. 


Sit 'n Sew Pincushions featuring Sonata and Rollakan fabric scraps | Shannon Fraser Designs

Pincushions pictured above made with the Sit 'n Sew pattern, available in the shop.

Since the original versions were made all the way back in 2011, I made myself a refreshed batch just a few months ago. Both feature fabric scraps leftover from projects I was working on at the time (namely Harvest Falls quilt & mini + Sonata Modern Aztec Table Runner). 

I’ve got lots of love for this design with several inquiries for a pattern. When the Aurifil January Challenge turned out to be Sew Organized, I knew instantly this would be the project I would share with you. 

Kona cotton scraps in melon, watermelon, fog, azure, peach


This one features scraps from my Weight of Love quilt that I started working on back in 2016 (and happens to still be a WIP…eek! Just one of the many on my Q1 2020 FAL list.). These colours are truly an expression of what I love and also represents one of the first fabrics pulls I did that wasn’t meant for someone else. Early on I was clever to pick-up a *Color Card. Since I do so much ordering online, I needed a way to see what colours I was working with. I’ve raved about stocking colour cards before. Coles Notes – let’s just say, I thought they were pricey, but find myself using them all the time. Best investment I made. 

While you’re at it, *grab one for thread too!  

Ok – back to these scraps. 

This really is a case of scraps begetting scraps, as I used so much of the trimmings and scraps during my first 100-Days Project. I not only made an entire quilt out of them, but also made several minis. And, yup, after all that, I still have some kicking around! 

Since they bring me so much joy, I thought why not feature them in another pinnie 😊 

I then threw in some of this *Brussel’s Washer Yarn dyed linen – which I really can’t get enough of (also leftovers from my original Double Windmill and Scrappy Irish Vortex quilts.. The texture is scrummalicious. And you know me, I love throwing a little linen in whenever I can. 

Spools of aurifil thread in light peach, orange, salmon and turquoise laid out above the top of a Sit 'n Sew pincushion ready to be quilted

From there, I entertained my thread options. 

When I don’t have an original plan, there’s often this dilemma I encounter: to match or not. 

Easy enough, right? 

Just two options. 

But each result in 2 very different looks. 

As I tend to do, I went bold – ha! 

And opted not to match my threads, but I did coordinate so there was continuity in the design. Enter: *Light Turquoise, *Fleshy Pink, and *Salmon. The light peach is a recent new addition, but one I can see returning to very soon!  

Sit 'n Sew Pincushion with hanging sleeve | Sew organized January Aurifil Artisan Challenge | Shannon Fraser Designs

As for filler? If you’ve caught my DIY Pin Cushion tutorial, then you know I’m all about *this stuff. I like the weight it offers. I used to use dried rice, which also works, but I find the fill ends up being more loosey-goosey. 

I’d love to know what the first thing was that you ever stitched? 

Happy quilting! 



PS I’m crossing this one off my Q1 2020 FAL List. That makes 2 of…let’s not count…done!


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