Quilts I Made in 2020

Quilts I completed in 2020 including this hand quilted modern improv wall hanging | modern fiber art | Shannon Fraser Designs #handquilted

How’s your quilty to-do list coming along?

Mine seems to be ever expanding – ha!

So, before diving in to all the new quilts I want to make in 2021, I thought it would be fun to take a moment to look back at the quilty projects I was able to complete in 2020.

Now, 2020 was a strange year in that I was away from the sewing studio for more than 6 months. Whaaa? The fact that I got anything quilted and finished last year is pretty remarkable!

It also served as a great reminder that no matter what crazy hurdles life throws our way, we can always sneak in some creative time 😉

Let’s dive in (or, skip to the end for the video)!

Rounding up the quilts I completed in 2020 even though I was without my sewing machine for 6 months | Modern quilts | Shannon Fraser Designs #quilting

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I kicked off 2020 by finishing up my lap size Cloud Surfing quilt. This was a fun collaboration between Jenny from Papper Sax Sten, Art Gallery Fabrics and myself. Jenny was kind enough to send me her oval drunkards path rulers to play with and I had the best time designing new quilt ideas featuring those templates. Coming out of that play session, I was most fired up to make the Cloud Surfing quilt. I’m so happy I did because not only was she a fun quilt to design and piece, but I’m also so excited that she’s heading to QuiltCon 2021!!

Shannon holding the Cloud Surfing quilt (lap size) in the winter wild | Quilts I completed in 2020 | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernabstractquilt

Pictured above is the Cloud Surfing quilt pattern available in the shop.

And since so many of you have reached out to say how much you love the design but are a little intimidated by all the curves, I’m hosting a virtual Cloud Surfing workshop (join the workshop here) to help you take the fear out of quilting curves!! That’s right, you can come quilt with me and a few other students to tackle this modern abstract quilt!


Once I had both the lap and baby Cloud Surfing quilts made, I was eager to dive into an improv quilting project. This time, I opted to feature some of the fabrics from the baby Cloud Surfing quilt paired with the AGF premium linen from the lap one.

I then went to town hand quilting her in a variety of thread weights to up the quilty texture.

You can read more about this hand stitched modern wall hanging here. 

Cloud Surfing improv quilted wall hanging entirely hand quilted. Shannon holding the art quilt in the summer wild in front of a lake | Quilts I completed in 2020 | Shannon Fraser Designs #quiltsinthewild


I had the pleasure of testing out the Landmark quilt pattern for Wendy of The Weekend Quilter as part of her new *Urban Quilting book

We have such amazing talent in our quilting community and getting to support fellow makers is just the best!

You can read more about this pretty here.

Landmark quilted wall hanging in the summer wild | Entirely hand quilted #modernlogcabinquilt


I’ll be sharing some more details with you on this one, but suffice to say I had the best time playing with the scraps leftover from the Landmark quilt 😉

Hand quilted improv wall hanging featuring linen, denim and cotton | What I made in 2020 | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernimprovquilting 


This is the second one I’ve made and it just keeps getting better! I owe you this pattern and I’m hoping 2021 is THE year. Plus, I haven’t told you yet, but she’s got a twin. I’ve got a fun stack of fabrics sitting there patiently waiting for me to get through some deadlines and then I’m diving in to the Lunar Eclipse quilt!

Ecliptic quilt in the summer wild - features Essex Linen, Kona Cotton, AGF Pure Solids, Tilda + 28wt Aurifil Thread for machine quilting on a domestic sewing machine | Shannon Fraser Designs #curvesquilt


I released this cutie early in 2020 and then promptly left the city – ha! When I got back to the city in the early fall, I created a video tutorial for Simple Simon and Co. fall session. It was so fun to work with the scraps leftover from my Ruby & Bee solids Shattered Star quilt!

I then went on to make a whole bunch more as gifts for the holidays. You can read more about those here. 

Sit 'n Sew Pincushion with notions she stores scattered around: measuring tape, seam ripper, Frixion pen, stork embroidery scissors rose gold, Dritz quilting pins | Shannon Fraser Designs #pincushion

Pictured above is the Sit 'n Sew Pincushion - pattern available in the shop.


The fall was all about making all the Shattered Star quilts, whipping up a table runner, finally a quilted lumbar pillow that had me diving into the fun world of inserting metal zippers

Shattered Star Quilt - The Ruby and Bee solids version featuring machine quilting in 50wt Aurifil Thread with a Heather Rosas apples print on the back | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernquiltpattern

Pictured above is the Shattered Star quilt - pattern available in the shop.

Shattered Star Table Runner - the Green Artisan Cotton one paired with 28wt Aurifil Thread for machine quilting | Shannon Fraser Designs #quiltedtablerunner

Pictured above is the Shattered Star Table Runner - pattern available in the shop.

Shattered Star Lumbar Pillow - the AGF Pure solids one with a metal zipper (tutorial included) and entirely hand quilted in 12wt Aurifil Thread for all the quilty texture | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernpillow

Pictured above is the Shattered Star Lumbar Pillow - pattern available in the shop.

If that wasn’t enough, I then launched into hosting my first ever quilt along! Designing the Shattered Star Quilt Along and the holiday fat quarter friendly version to go along with it was intense! Ha! It was amazing and also beyond challenging. It definitely tested me on all levels, but I also learned so much! Plus, getting to connect with you that like was truly AWESOMESAUCE!

Shattered Star Holiday Quilt in the Winter Wild | Features AGF Little Town paired with Pure Solids and machine quilted in 40wt Aurifil Thread | Shannon Fraser Designs #quiltsinnature


Since it’s just me in my business, getting to connect creatively with other makers through collaborations is just so fun! I can’t say how much I appreciate those opportunities.


This little cutie was created after I’d been away from the studio for months. It felt good to come back and be in a creative zone – no expectations, just me, the fabric and tools and my creative instincts! Read more about her here.

Sunshine on a Saturday morning mini quilt surrounded by the tools and materials used to create her: Olfa frosted rulers, Aurifil Thread 50wt yellow spools + Cotton Couture yellow Fat Quarter solids | Shannon Fraser Designs #artquilts


The Quiltmas Elves always have the best time pulling together the free holiday blocks for you! It’s a lot of work, but we also have so much fun sneaking in all the quilty shenanigans! In case you missed the fun, check out 2020  and 2019!  

Jolly Jelly Quilt Block mini quilt | Shannon Fraser Designs #foundationpaperpiecing


It never ceases to amaze me how much time designing quilt patterns take. I’ve been working on revamping the original Plus Infinity quilt pattern and hope to have her released in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

Plus Infinity the scrappy version out in the winter wild | Quilts I made in 2020 | Shannon Fraser Designs #plusquilt

Pictured above is the Plus Infinity quilt - pattern available in the shop. 


I’m walking you through all the quilt projects I completed in today’s video!


This is the first time I’ve rounded up my quilts for you and I’d love your feedback! Let me know in the comments in you’d like me to film more videos of the quilts I make so you can ‘see’ them better!

Happy quilting!




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  • Lunar Eclipse quilt! Can’t wait. I would love to see more examples of the ECLIPTIC QUILT. It was the first pattern and first quilt that I made. I enjoy doing curves the most thanks to making the ecliptic quilt. I will pop on over to see if the pattern is on your site. I still only have the pattern from the magazine lol. Really nice trunk show.

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