My Travel Make-up Kit

 Black and white make-up bag with make-up and brushes scattered | Shannon Fraser Designs

I love it when things are both pretty and practical!  Don't you? 

Which is why I still love my original make-up bag and brush roll design. 

I made this combo several years back to keep my stuff handy while travelling. 

And travelled they have!  Whether I was travelling for personal or business, this set has been my faithful companion on the road.  So much so, I've lost count of the number of security check points they've cleared! 

 Black & white make-up bag with make-up and brush and Canadian passport | Shannon Fraser Designs


 They've been packed in my carry-on suitcase. 

They've been squished into my backpack during European getaways. 

They've been part of several purse changes. 

They've enjoyed time in my Land’s End weekend bag. 


Plus I've laundered them a gazillion times.  Airports are dirty places.  Make-up makes a mess.  I'm too lazy to spot clean ;)  So I’ll take a cosmetic bag and brush roll that can be laundered any day!

Black and white make-up bag with makeup and brushes scattered | Shannon Fraser Designs 


And yet after all that abuse they are still holding up beautifully.  


Which is great since I really love the prints!  This was actually my first fabric bundle that I ever ordered from Purl Soho (one of my favourite US online fabric stores) and also my first purchase of Robert Kaufman fabric.  Swoon! 

More importantly, they’ve kept my make-up and brushes protected during all that travel and transfer. Yay!  I love it when things are well made and just work.


What is your make-up travel kit?  And where have they been?  Mine are at 2 continents, 11 major cities and counting  :)  





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Originally published May 4, 2015.

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