My Design Process - Ironing

My Design Process: Ironing

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A key part of sewing is ironing.  So much so, it seems I spend more time ironing than actually sewing!

Thankfully I find ironing relaxing and calming.  Well…that is, ever since I got my *Rowenta Focus II.

Rowenta iron + Sit 'N Sew Pincushion and thread catcher | Shannon Fraser Designs

Pictured above is the Sit 'N Sew Pincushion available in the shop.

As I mentioned in my Design Series: Part 1 - Laundering post, I take great care to ensure I start each project with clean materials.  But once the fabric comes out of the dryer it is generally quite fripped and creased and in desperate need of a good pressing.  Plus your fabric needs to be smooth before cutting otherwise your measurements will be off.

So once my stash has finished the laundering cycle, it hits the “to be ironed” basket. 

To ensure my fabric is as flat as possible, I rely on my trusty *Rowenta iron.  I upgraded a few years ago from my Proctor Silex which I thought was a decent iron.  That is until I started using my Rowenta.  I didn’t realize how much I could love an iron until I got her.  To actually see wrinkled fabric turn flat with the pass of the iron is a wonderful feeling!  No need to pass back and forth endlessly when steam, heat and weight will do the trick.

I have many favourite tools I rely on during my design process, but my iron is pretty high on that list.  My *Rowenta helps ensure the final designs showcase crisp fabric and smooth seams. Below are several of my most used ironing tools that I keep near my ironing board.  The pin cushion and thread bin are some of the first sewing projects I attempted.

Rowenta iron with stack of purple folded fat quarters and spray bottle filled with lavender linen water

I've recently been lusting after the *Oliso Pro Smart Iron which seems to be the iron of choice for quilters.  I certainly don't need a new iron, but the way it automatically lifts if pretty nifty!  And I can see my sore hand being thankful to not have to do all that tilting.  I haven’t given it a go, but if you have, I would love to hear your feedback!

Happy sewing!




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