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Mod Rose Modern Aztec quilt | Beginner friendly Modern Aztec quilt pattern | Shannon Fraser Designs #halfsquaretriangles

The Modern Aztec Quilt Pattern is now available for instant download here.

She’s finally here! This pattern has been a long time in the making, and I couldn’t be more excited to share her with you! 

Have you ever worked on a project that you were super fired up about, only to have to let it sit there patiently waiting for you to address other priorities before giving it your full attention? 

That’s exactly what happened with the Modern Aztec quilt pattern. I designed her all the way back in the summer of 2017, but other quilting commitments kept me from being able to make her.

When I finally did, I unexpectedly changed the original design from 5-colours to 10-colours (more on that in a minute) and you loved it so much, I felt the pattern needed both options. You also showed lots of interest in the table runners, so I just kept adding to the pattern! 

Hence why it took a little longer to bring her to life 😉 

Mod Rose and Gray Modern Aztec quilt in the winter wild - 5 colorway option shown or choose from a 10-colorway option | Modern Aztec Quilt Pattern | Shannon Fraser Designs #halfsquaretriangles

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Which brings me to the fun of sharing all the features and options available in the Modern Aztec pattern

The pattern is structured in a way where there’s essentially 5 different patterns packaged in 1! That’s a lot of details and quilty math to get through! But my rock star pattern testers have done an amazing job helping me ensure the pattern is as clear and easy for you to navigate without losing all that information. 

First up is the 5-colour quilt option. There are 7 different quilt size options to choose from, including: 

Mini 24"x24"
Baby 36"x36"
Crib 36"x48"
Throw 60"x60"
Twin 72"x72"
Double 84"x84"
Queen 96"x96" 


Then there’s the 10-colour quilt option with the fabric and cutting requirements for all the same sizes as the 5-colour option (i.e. mini through queen size). 

There’s also a 5-colour table runner option 12"x36" and 16"x48".

A 10-colour table runner option in both the 12"x36" and 16"x48" sizing. 

And there’s even a lumbar pillow! 

To make the pattern easy to follow, each project is separated into its own section so you can just focus on the project you want to make without having the other projects getting in the way. Plus, you can just print the section you need so you save on paper and ink too! 

Each project not only includes clear instructions, but also has step-by-step graphics so you can see what your piecing should look like. 

The pattern also includes a colouring page for each of the project options. There’s even a placeholder for your fabric colour swatches to make it easy for you to plan out your own design. 

The pattern includes pressing diagrams for each project and at each piecing step to make sure your seams nest for perfect points every time! 

There are active hyperlinks throughout the pattern to take you to in-depth tutorials to help you if you need additional tips for your quilting success! 

Plus, there are some additional colourways to inspire you even more! 

Whew, that’s a lot of details and options! 

Modern Aztec quilts in all different pattern version: 5-color Mod Rose lap quilt, Blue and white 10-color lap quilt, 10-color Large table runner and 5-color small table runner | Modern Aztec quilt pattern | Shannon Fraser Designs #quilting 


The mod-rose Modern Aztec quilt is the original version I designed. And yet it was the last one I made! 

The 5-colour option is perfect if you want to really focus on just a few of your favourite colour pairings. Here I went with a combination of greys and these dusty rose colours all balanced by the white background. 

If you have a tough time picking fabrics, this is a great place to start. And the colouring page can help you plan it out so you can see if you like the pairings before committing to buying the fabric. 

Gray Aurifil Thread quilting details on the Mod Rose and gray Modern Aztec quilt | Pattern includes 5-color or 10-color options and each in 7 quilt sizes from mini to queen | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernquiltpattern

Mod-rose and gray solids Modern Aztec quilt in the 5-colorway version | Modern beginner friendly quilt pattern with 7 sizes to choose from: mini, baby, lap, twin, double and queen | Shannon Fraser Designs #solidsquilt

Pips 'hiding' under the folded corner of the mod rose and gray Modern Aztec lap quilt | choose from 5 or 10 colorway options in this beginner friendly quilt pattern | Shannon Fraser Designs #catsonquilts 

The design is quite bold and geometric, and you can play that up as much as you want through your fabric selection. 

The pattern comes together quite quickly too! 

The backing on the mod-rose quilt was an unexpected piecing journey! I entirely planned on backing it with the solid rose; however, when I started unrolling my yardage, I noticed all these spots that looked very much like oil stains – eek! I haven’t a clue how those got there. My fabric cupboard is just that – fabric – so there is no chance of anything spilling or staining my fabric. 

Modern improv quilt back on the mod-rose and gray solid Modern Aztec quilt | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernimprovquilt 

I shared this with you on Instagram and turns out this is not a first. As I dug a little more, turns out this can happen at the manufacturing level when rolling the fabric onto the individual bolts. I’ve had dirt marks pop up in my yardage before, but usually on the edges. This was smack dab in the middle and they sporadically appeared throughout a 2-yard stretch. 

Thankfully, I had just enough of the other colours left on hand to pull a backing together. There are a couple of small spots that I couldn’t avoid, so I’m hoping those come out in the wash. Otherwise, I guess I’ll get creative and add some hand stitching to cover it up 😉 


Materials used in the Mod Rose Modern Aztec quilt include: 

*White 50wt thread for piecing 
*Dove 28wt thread for quilting 
Sew Fine Thread Gloss for conditioning my thread for hand binding 


In the end though, I like how it turned out. I’m almost digging the back more than the front! Especially since the quilting design really pops! 

Kona Cotton solids in Rose, Deep Rose, Gray and medium gray featured in the beginner friendly Modern Aztec quilt featuring half-square triangles | Shannon Fraser Designs #quilts


I’ve shared this gorgeous Bequest Modern Aztec quilt with you before, but I wanted to share her again so you have a visual comparison of the 5-colour vs. the 10-colour option. 

This was originally supposed to be a table runner, until the hubs saw the fabrics and was all “you have to go BIG”, which is how the 10-colour quilt was born! 

Blue and white modern quilt in the winter wild | Modern Aztec quilt featuring 10-color option in lap size, also comes in 5-color option and in mini, baby, lap, twin, double and queen sizes | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernquiltpattern 

The pattern includes all the fabric requirements and cutting instructions for the 10-colour option in its own area within the pattern, so you won’t get confused by the 5-colour instructions, as the piecing, cutting and fabric requirements are all different. 

This is a great option if you would like to add more depth and interest to your final Modern Aztec quilt. If picking 10 fabrics makes you a little nervous, the 5-colour option is a great place to start. Otherwise, use the colouring page to help plan out your idea and see if you like the look before committing. 

The design of the pattern is such that you really can’t go wrong, so dive in and have fun with it! 


Here’s are round-up of the Bequest fabrics I used in the Modern Aztec throw quilt: 

Looking Glass – Sky
Looking Glass – Lace
Tapestry – Velvet
Tapestry – Blueberry Scone (how awesome is this name?!)
Hope Chest – Blueberry Scone
Music Box – Quiet Evening
Music Box – Lace
Little Basket – Quiet Evening
Little Basket – Lace
Cup and Saucer – Sapphire
Cup and Sauce – Bluebird
Cup and Saucer – Lace
Loom – Frost
*White Thread 50wt – piecing & quilting
*Blue Thread 50wt - binding


You can read more about the Bequest Modern Aztec quilt here

Blue and white modern geometric quilt with light blue floral backing | Modern Aztec lap quilt in the 10-color option | Modern quilt pattern | Shannon Fraser Designs #blueandwhitequilt


The Sonata table runner features the 10-colour option in the smaller 12"x36" size. It’s the perfect size to fit nicely in the center of a standard dining table, without taking away too much room from your place settings. 

This one comes together super quick and makes a great handmade housewarming gift too! 

The table runners are fat quarter friendly, so perfect for featuring some of your favourite bundles!

Raspberry, navy, pink and cream Modern Aztec hand quilted table runner featuring Sonata fabric collection by Amy Sinibaldi for Art Gallery Fabrics | Modern Aztec Quilted Table Runner Pattern | Shannon Fraser Designs #quiltedtablerunner 


Materials used in the Sonata table runner include: 

Fabrics from Amy’s *Sonata fabric collection, including:
Pearl cotton thread for big stitch hand quilting & binding
Thread conditioner – it’s a game changer if you haven’t tried it yet 😉


You can read more about the Sonata Modern Aztec Table Runner here


This Scandinavian inspired holiday Modern Aztec table runner is great example of using up your scrap fabrics. The Heather Rosas prints had been hanging out in my stash for years just waiting for the perfect project to use them in. The fact that they ended up being paired with these low volume prints from Art Gallery Fabrics just reminded me of how fun it can be to play! 

You never know what unexpected fabric combinations are waiting for you to discover in your fabric stash! 

Plus, quilted table runners are the perfect opportunity to use up those batting trimmings from your larger quilt projects. I know you have them too 😉 

Red, coral, black and white Scandinavian inspired Modern Aztec quilted table runner | Holiday Home Decor | Shannon Fraser Designs #quilting


Materials featured in the Holiday Modern Aztec table runner include: 

Here's the full list of materials featured in the Holiday Modern Aztec Quilted Table Runner: 

Heather Rosas prints from her Folklore collection (sadly, no longer available)
*Waves of Echo from Raise the Volume 
*White Noise from Raise the Volume 
Boxes in Black from Camelot Fabrics Heirloom collection (no longer available), but *this print would work perfectly too!
*50wt Thread for piecing and quilting 


You can read more about the Holiday Modern Aztec Table Runner here.  


The quilted lumbar pillow was totally unplanned! 

There are several leftover HSTs from the 10-colour quilt option that were hanging out on my sewing table and I just decided to play with them! So, if you make the 10-colour Modern Aztec quilt then you’re already halfway on the road to finishing your Double Chevron pillow! 

Otherwise, the pattern includes the fabric requirements and cutting instructions to make the pattern from scratch. 

I love a zippered pillow cover, but I know zippers can be intimidating! To help you conquer this technique, the pattern includes lots of tips and graphics to walk you through the process.

Blue and white quilted lumbar pillow with diagonal line quilting in 50wt Aurifil Thread | Double Chevron Pattern | Shannon Fraser Designs #DIYhomedecor


Materials featured in the Bequest Double Chevron lumbar pillow include: 

Little Basket – Lace
Cup and Saucer – Sapphire
Cup and Saucer – Lace
Trellis - Midnight Breeze
*White Thread 50wt – piecing
*Blue Thread 50wt - quilting
*Batting scraps
*Unbleached cotton (for the lining) Muslim for lining (this is optional, but I highly recommend including it to prolong the longevity of your pillow and make it machine washable)
Feather pillow insert – these are my fave 


You can read more about the Double Chevron lumbar pillow here.  


My amazing pattern testers have outdone themselves with their takes on the Modern Aztec quilt. Just check out these beauties:

Turquoise, blue, yellow, ochre and white baby boy Modern Aztec quilt top pieced by A Little Patchwork | Modern Aztec Quilt Pattern beginner friendly | Shannon Fraser Designs #babyquilt

Photo courtesy of A Little Patchwork

Ange from A Little Patchwork made this fun mini 5-colour version and I just love her gender neutral fabric pull with a pop of yellow – it’s giving me all the summer vibes during this cold snap we’re experiencing in Montreal!

Teal, light pink, mustard white and black and white fabrics featured in the Modern Aztec quilt stitched by Penelope Handmade | Beginner modern Quilt Pattern | Shannon Fraser Designs #halfsquaretriangles

Photo courtesy of Penelope Handmade

Jennifer’s fabric pull for her crib Modern Aztec quilt is just so spot on and totally fits the Aztec theme! I love a good mix of prints, and she’s outdone herself with this combo. And did you notice that perfectly coordinated backing! 

Fuchsia, teal, mustard and white Modern Aztec quilt in the wild - features half square triangles for a quick and easy piecing session | Modern Aztec quilt pattern | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernquilt

Photo courtesy of L.T.

L.T. made this stunning 5-colour throw version and her colours stopped me in my tracks! Seriously makes me want to bust out my florals and get stitching! 

Navy, light blue, white and gray Modern Aztec quilt top laying in the snow | Modern Aztec quilt pattern available in 5 or 10 colorway options and includes 7 quilt sizes from mini to queen | Shannon Fraser Designs #quiltsinthewild

Photo courtesy of Frieda Tong

Frieda is one of my longest pattern testers and she never ceases to amaze me with her fabric choices and this blue and white 5-colour Modern Aztec quilt is no exception.

Navy, gray and white Double Chevron quilted lumbar pillow + Turquoise and teal Modern Aztec quilted table runner | Modern quilt patterns | Shannon Fraser Designs #quiltedpillow

Photos courtesy of Kelly. 

Kelly’s a rockstar and made a 5-colour crib quilt, a 10-colour table runner and the Double Chevron lumbar pillow featuring upholstery fabrics. Did you see that gorgeous navy-blue velvet – swoon!

Navy, pink, light pink and white Modern Aztec quilted table runner top featuring 5-colors | choose from a 5-color or 10-color options in 2 sizes | Modern quilt pattern | Shannon Fraser Designs #quiltedtablerunner

Photo courtesy of Kates Makes and Creates 

Kate, from Kates Makes and Creates, stitched up this eye catching 5-colour table runner. Did you catch that stripe she included? Perfect detail to compliment the deep navy and floral prints.

Deep pink, mauvy pink, light pink, white with pink polka dots Modern Aztec quilted table runner with Golden Retriever peeking in! Modern Aztec table runner pattern | Shannon Fraser Designs #homedecor

Photo courtesy of Homemade Emily Jane

Emily’s table runner is giving me all the Valentine’s Day vibes – perfect handmade touch for celebrating at home with your loved ones 😊 Plus, who can resist Beau’s cute face! 

Light turquoise green, orange and cream Double Chevron lumbar pillow and show on top of a quilt on a bed | Double Chevron Lumbar Pillow Pattern | Shannon Fraser Designs #quiltedpillow

Photos courtesy of ALC Creates 

And rounding out all these gorgeous makes is Angela’s spring inspired pillow. I love that light aqua paired with the orange – such a stunning combo.  

Be sure to check out the #modernaztecquilt, #modernaztectablerunner and #doublechevronpillow hashtags on Instagram for more inspiration. 


If piecing isn’t your jam and you prefer focusing on the quilting, then you’re in luck! I’ve shared several colourways over on Honest Fabric where you can print a whole cloth design and jump straight to quilting! 

Deep Rose, Rose, Ash, Medium Gray and White Kona Cotton Solids lap Modern Aztec quilt on the floor | Choose from 5 or 10 colorway options and 7 quilt sizes from mini to queen | Modern quilt pattern | Shannon Fraser Designs #quiltpattern

But if piecing IS your jam, then jump into the Modern Aztec quilt by grabbing your pattern here and letting me know which option you’re most excited to make 😊

Happy quilting!



PS I’m thrilled to be knocking the Mod-Rose Modern Aztec quilt off my Q1 FAL 2019 list


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