Modern Aztec Quilt Blue and White Version | Briar Hill Designs' Bequest Maker’s Tour

Blue and White Modern Aztec Quilt | Bequest Maker's Tour | Shannon Fraser Designs #blueandwhitequilt 

Hello! Today is my stop on Briar Hill Designs' Bequest Maker’s Tour. And I’m thrilled to have you pop in for a visit! 

If this is your first time here – welcome! I’m Shannon! The fabric lover and quilt designer behind this little spot on the internet 😉 

Allow me to share a little ditty about Jack and Diane – um, I mean, about pretty fabric turned into a quilt! You may not realize it while you’re in creation mode, but have you noticed there’s usually a story behind every quilt made? This is a fun one. 

Blue and white Modern Aztec quilt in the winter wild | Bequest Maker's Tour | Shannon Fraser Designs #quiltsinthewild*This post contains affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, if you click through and make a purchase, I may receive a commission. 


Now, I know I'm known for colour. Bright and bold colour. And so, it was funny when some of you were surprised to see me working with these fabrics. I just wanted to clarify that I’m an equal opportunity fabric enthusiast. Meaning, I don’t think there is a fabric or colour I would forever say no to working with. I love dabbling in all forms of textiles and prints and classic blue and white florals are definitely no exception. Especially when they’re as pretty as these! 

Stack of blue and white fabrics from the Bequest collection by Briar Hill Designs | Modern Aztec Quilt | Shannon Fraser Designs #rjrfabrics

Don’t they remind you of the blue and white china? Such classics that remind me of my mum! 

So, when Julia and Caverly reached out to invite me to participate, I was super happy to collaborate and help support their latest Bequest fabric collection  for RJR Fabrics.  


Blue and White Modern Aztec quilt held in a winter scene | Bequest Maker's Tour | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernquilt

I started off thinking I would make a quilted table runner. Simply because my schedule was pretty full, and I didn’t want to over-commit myself. 

But then the fabrics showed up. 

And I showed them to my hubz. 

And he was all “Wow, those are stunning!”. 

To which I concurred, and he said, “they’re going to look amazing in a quilt”. 

To which I responded “Oh, I’m actually making a table runner”. 

And he flat out looked at me like I was cray cray and said I “Had to go BIG’. 

Ha! Anyone else’s significant other have strong feelings about what their creative makes?! 

I love that he shares his thoughts with me. Making can be quite lonely sometimes, so it’s fun to bounce ideas off him. But this was unsolicited advice – for the record, there IS a difference 😉 

In any event, he was SO right! (Which was just a tad annoying!). 

So, off I went to contact Julia and Caverly to see whether we could make a larger version work. And let me tell you these ladies were fab! Between the additional background fabric that Julia sent me and the second shipment for backing fabric from RJR, I was set to go BIG! 

And big I went. 

Well, a generous lap size in any event 😉 

But I’m so thrilled we were able to pull it off because the Bequest Modern Aztec quilt is just STUNNING! I mean I know I’m a little biased on the topic, but she’s been getting lots of love from everyone who’s seen her. 

Blue and white fabric details of the Bequest collection featured in the Modern Aztec Quilt | Bequest Maker's Tour | Shannon Fraser Designs #quilt

Quilting and binding detail on the blue and white Modern Aztec quilt | Bequest Maker's Tour | Shannon Fraser Designs #blueandwhitequilt

Plus, these fabrics are just stunning with such lovely details when you’re up close and personal. It’s hard to go wrong with whatever you choose to make with them. 

But I particularly love the juxtaposition of the whimsical and organic nature of the floral prints paired with the very geometric design of the Modern Aztec quilt pattern

It’s that contrast and play off different elements that I think makes for a fun outcome. 

Quilting details of the blue and white Modern Aztec quilt | Bequest Maker's Tour | Shannon Fraser Designs #blueandwhitequilt

stitch detail on the blue and white Modern Aztec quilt | Bequest Maker's Tour | Shannon Fraser Designs #quilting 

To enhance the movement inherent in the design of the quilt, I opted to quilt straight lines following the movement of the chevrons which help pull your eye from the dark center to the outer edges of the quilt. 

Did you notice how the shades of blue come into play to help enhance the movement of the design? It’s all these elements that really add up to a quilt with so much added interest. 

And, it dawned on me, this is officially the first blue and white quilt that I’ve made! I can see returning to this classic combo in the future! 

Light blue floral quilt backing fabric showing of the blue and white Modern Aztec quilt folded up on the table | Bequest Maker's Tour | Shannon Fraser Designs #quilting

My hand holding the blue and white floral binding for the Modern Aztec quilt | Bequest Maker's Tour | Shannon Fraser Designs #binding

Binding detail + blue and white Modern Aztec quilt on the floor | Bequest Maker's Tour | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernquilt

Considering the last-minute change in design direction, this project came together relatively quickly. I had the top pieced within a day, then basted and quilted within 2. The prep was spread out over several days since I was waiting for fabric shipment, but all in all she’s a fast finish. Even the last-minute photo sessions worked out. Phew! I don’t like being late! 


Blue and white quilt and pillow featuring Bequest fabric collection | Modern Aztec quilt + Double Chevron Pillow | Shannon Fraser Designs #quilting

I’m not sure how this little pillow really came to be. I know I had set aside some leftover HSTs on my sewing table. And then found myself pulling them out at one point just to play. And that play time lead to the central chevron blocks and before I knew it, I had this pretty pillow! 

I used to make pillows all the time, but I’ll admit, I don’t make them that often anymore. Maybe I just made TOO many at one point?! 

Quilting detail on the blue and white Double Chevron quilted pillow | Bequest Maker's Tour | Shannon Fraser Designs #pillow

I even had to bust out my old Singer to be able to get the job done. 

Now THAT was a reality check!  

It’s been a really long time since I sewed on her and it was a total trip down memory lane! And a renewed appreciation for just how much I love my Juki (read my review here)! 

She’s way clunkier than my Juki, but I had purchased the invisible zipper foot for her and, so, out of necessity she came out. 

I’m happy she’s tucked back away and I’m left with this fun impromptu quilted cushion 😊

Sometimes it’s the unexpected projects that lead to fun outcomes! 

Double Chevron pillow + Modern Aztec quilt in the wild | Featuring Bequest fabric collection | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernquilt


Here’s are round-up of the Bequest fabrics and materials I used in the Modern Aztec quilt: 

Looking Glass – Sky
Looking Glass – Lace
Tapestry – Velvet
Tapestry – Blueberry Scone (how awesome is this name?!)
Hope Chest – Blueberry Scone
Music Box – Quiet Evening
Music Box – Lace
Little Basket – Quiet Evening
Little Basket – Lace
Cup and Saucer – Sapphire
Cup and Sauce – Bluebird
Cup and Saucer – Lace
Loom – Frost
*White Thread 50wt – piecing & quilting
*Blue Thread 50wt - binding


Blue and white Bequest fabric fanned out and the Modern Aztec quilt in the winter wild | Bequest Maker's Tour | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernquilt

And here's what I used for the lumbar pillow: 

Little Basket – Lace
Cup and Saucer – Sapphire
Cup and Saucer – Lace
Trellis - Midnight Breeze
*White Thread 50wt – piecing
*Blue Thread 50wt - quilting
*Batting scraps
*Unbleached cotton (for the lining)



Blue and white Modern Aztec quilt on the floor with the corner turned up | Bequest Maker's Tour | Shannon Fraser Designs #quilting

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Blue and White Modern Aztec quilt on the floor with the corner turned up showing the floral backing | Bequest Maker's Tour | Shannon Fraser Designs #quilts

The Bequest collection is shipping to your local quilt shop as we speak. Hurry and add these classic pretties to your stash! 

Oh, and the Modern Aztec quilt pattern? That’s now available here! 

For more versions of the Modern Aztec quilt pattern, check out these posts:


Happy quilting!



PS Pillow instructions are available in both the Modern Aztec quilt pattern and the standalone Double Chevron pillow pattern.


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