Jolly Jelly Quilt Block | Quiltmas Spectacular 2020

Jolly Jelly mini quilt featuring AGF Sparkler Fusion with snowmen salt and pepper shakers! Quiltmas Spectacular 2020 | Shannon Fraser Designs #foundationpaperpiecing

Did you hear?!

Quiltmas Spectacular is back and in full holiday swing and ready to bring you quilty good cheer!

Haven’t heard of Quiltmas Spectacular? Well, it’s only the hottest Christmas sew-along in the quiltyverse where 11 modern quilt pattern designers join forces to bring you 12-days of free quilt blocks.

This year, we took the festivities up a notch by using our favourite holiday movies as our inspiration.

Fun, right?

If you haven’t already, you can sign up for the jolly jollities here (hurry, the link to sign up closes on December 31, 2020).

But today, today is Day 10 and that means I’m popping in to share “the gift that keeps on giving!”

Jolly Jelly mini quilt featuring AGF Sparkler Fusion with snowmen salt and pepper shakers! Quiltmas Spectacular 2020 | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernfppblock

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I take my role as a Quiltmas Elf very seriously and spent quiiiiiite a bit of time thinking through my design options. But I kept coming back to National Lampoons Christmas Vacation – an all-time family favourite. It instantly brings me back to gathering with my brothers, with a big bowl of homemade popcorn and Coke (a rare treat saved for movie nights and the holidays!).  

For some reason, one of the scenes that sticks out the most is when Clark gets gifted an annual Jelly of the Month Club subscription and his cousin calls it “the gift that keeps on giving!”.

While I know, in this situation, Clark is quite disappointed by the gift, I just loved the idea of a gift that the recipient gets continual enjoyment out of.

And so, Jolly Jelly was born!


Jolly Jelly is a Foundation Paper Pieced (FPP) quilt block that’s all about not taking things too seriously, seeing the humour in life, letting go and having some FUN! 

Bring some holiday cheer to your indoors by featuring the Jolly Jelly in a table runner, quilted placemat or make a bunch of Jolly Jelly blocks to feature in a quilt. The quilty options are endless! (scroll down for some design inspiration!)

This pattern is well suited for beginners. Plus, if you need some additional guidance, you can find the Ultimate Foundation Paper Pieced Tutorial and Tips here.  

Features step-by-step graphics and detailed instructions for a 12.5” x 12.5” unfinished quilt block.

The templates are 100% to scale, so you don’t have to play around with your printer settings.

There’s a colouring page included to design and plan your own.

The jelly, the jelly fabric cover and the ribbon are all fun opportunities for fabric play! 

You only need a few fat quarters to make the Jolly Jelly fpp block! Here I've turned it into a mini quilt to celebrate the holidays and Quiltmas Spectacular 2020 | Shannon Fraser Designs #fppblock


This year, we teamed up with Art Gallery Fabrics who provided us with their AGF Sparkler Fusion collection to feature in our Quiltmas Spectacular blocks. 


Art Gallery Fabrics Sparkler Fusion fat quarter bundle ready to create the Jolly Jelly quilt block for Quiltmas Spectacular 2020 | Shannon Fraser Designs #artgalleryfabrics

It’s been so fun to see how the 11 of us all worked with the same base collection but then added our own flare with our choice of solids and pairings. 

That’s the beauty of quilting – we can all work from similar elements: quilt pattern and fabric – yet still walk away with our own unique twists!

Quilting is the best! 

The back view of the Jolly Jelly mini quilt featuring AGF Sparkler Fusion + Aurifil Thread in 50wt for quilting + 12wt for big stitch hand binding | Modern quilt pattern | Shannon Fraser Designs #handquilted


You don’t have to stick with a modern mini quilt. Here are just a few ideas to spark some creativity featuring the Jolly Jelly quilt block: 

4 blocks sewn side by side gives you a lovely 12.5” x 48.5” quilted table runner.

You can easily piece 4 Jolly Jelly quilt blocks together to make an adorable and cozy quilted table runner | Jolly Jelly foundation paper pieced quilt block pattern | Shannon Fraser Designs #quiltedtablerunner


Feature just the Jolly Jelly in a placemat for a fun breakfast treat or special afternoon tea. 


You could also make 4 Jelly Jolly quilt blocks and feature them in quilted placemats for extra special table setting or afternoon tea with friends | Jolly Jelly FPP quilt pattern | Shannon Fraser Designs #shannonfraserdesigns

Or bring on all the Jolly Jelly jollity and make a whole bunch – 25 to be exact and make a full quilt of these cuties. Makes for a nice throw approximately 60ʺ x 60 ʺ.  

Even more fun would be to feature the Jolly Jelly FPP quilt block in a lap quilt. Make 25 blocks and you've got yourself a fun quilt perfect for summer picnics or a kids playroom | Jolly Jelly FPP quilt pattern | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernFPPquilt


We’ve been astounded by the response to Quiltmas this year and we’re thrilled you love this annual quilty tradition! 

It wouldn’t be possible without your participation! 

If you haven’t already, don’t miss out on this and 11 other free quilt block patterns. Be sure to sign up for the Quiltmas Spectacular here before sign ups close at the end of the month. 

Happy quilting! 




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  • This is so adorable! I don’t have a printer, town is 1.5 hrs away, so I can’t do it, but love it!

  • I’ve read this several times & I just cannot figure out how to download this block pattern

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