Fantasy Modern Aztec Table Runner

Modern Aztec quilted table runner featuring Fantasy fabric collection from Windham fabrics | Home Decor | Shannon Fraser Designs #quiltedtablerunner 

Do you have fabric sitting in your stash that you absolutely adore, but you just haven’t figured out which project to use it in? 

I think this is part and parcel of being a quilter. There are some fabrics that we love so much we want to feature them in the ‘right’ quilt – right?! 

Fat quarter stack of Fantasy fabric collection designed by Sally Kelly London for Windham Fabrics | Modern Aztec quilted table runner | Shannon Fraser Designs #fatquarterbundle

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I’d been holding onto this fat quarter bundle for the longest time just waiting for the right project to come to mind. 

It finally happened back in September, when I felt the need to play with some deeper tones and channel the fall season that was rapidly heading our way. That time of year also happens to be my favourite. Where the mornings are chilly, but the days are filled with sunshine and warmth. Not too crazy hot, but warm enough to make you want to sit and soak up those rays. I felt like the perfect timing to get some home décor in order. 

There were so many ways I could have used this bundle, but I kept coming back to these jewel tones of orange, red, plum, purple and navy. They’re my idea of the ultimate fall colours! 

My hand holding a stack of red, purple, orange, eggplant and navy linen for the Modern Aztec quilted table runner | Shannon Fraser Designs #fabricpull

These prints are from the Fantasy collection designed by Sally Kelly London for Windham Fabrics and I’ve paired them with these gloriously soft Artisan Cotton solids also from Windham Fabrics. To up the texture even more, I snuck in some navy linen. You know my love for linen and this one happened to be leftover from my apron and bag making days, but a close substitute would be this *navy linen. I also added in this *linen in Eggplant that I just can’t seem to get enough of (I’ve already used it here and here). 

And I thought this combo would look gorgeous at the centre of the table featuring the Modern Aztec Table Runner pattern.  

Half square triangles in red, purple, floral, and navy linen with black scissors and 2 spools of Aurifil Thread in 40wt in plum and navy | Modern Aztec quilted table runner | Shannon Fraser Designs #halfsquaretriangles

Quilting details on red, purple, orange and navy Modern Aztec quilted table runner with orange, red and green flowers | Shannon Fraser Designs #tablerunner

Modern Aztec quilted table runner in red, orange, purple, plum and navy hanging on the wall | Fantasy fabric collection from Windham Fabrics | Shannon fraser Designs #quiltedtablerunner

I’ve made a couple of table runners featuring this pattern (you can see those here and here), but I can’t seem to get enough! There’s something about combining floral prints with the geometric design of the pattern that just makes me happy! 

Since I had some fabric leftover, I decided to use those for the backing. I love how it turned out and that it makes it reversible. The front is much more visually dynamic, while the back is more streamlined and simpler. It’s always fun to get two looks in one! 

Back view of the Modern Aztec quilted table runner featuring red, orange, purple, plum and navy fabrics from Sally Kelly London's Fantasy collection for Windham Fabrics | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernimprovquilt

Quilting detail using Aurifil Thread in 40wt on the red, orange, purple, plum and navy Modern Aztec quilted table runner | Shannon Fraser Designs #quilting

When it came time to quilting her up, I really wanted the stitching to blend in with the project while allowing the design of the quilting to pop. So, I opted for this gorgeous *blue/ grey Aurifil Thread in 40wt. Since the backing features more of the plum and purple tones, I opted to use this plum Aurifil Thread also in 40wt in the bobbin. 

I typically label all my projects, but I wanted to keep this table runner reversible. So, I’ve opted to leave it out. But, when I do make quilt labels, here’s what I do.  


I always get asked what I’ve used in my projects, so here’s a full round-up! 

Petals in Oyster
Artisan Cotton in 40171-60, 40171-68, 40171-7 and 40171-62
Navy linen – sold out – *this would be a good substitute
*White thread – piecing  
*Blue thread – quilting 
*Plum thread – quilting 
*Orange thread – binding 
*Red thread – binding 
Quilted & pieced on my *Juki 
Small version of the Modern Aztec Table Runner pattern or the Modern Aztec Quilt pattern which has the table runner included. 


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Half square triangles featured in the Modern Aztec quilted table runner in Fantasy fabric collection | Fall home decor | Shannon Fraser Designs #diyhomedecor

What I love about making quilted table runners is that they’re super quick to pull together. This is a project you can easily get done in a day. That’s always a win in my books 😉 Plus, it’s perfect for using up some of your batting scraps left over from your larger projects. I know you have some batting trimmings kicking around. Don’t throw those out! This table runner pattern makes great use of those. 

Modern Aztec quilted table runner folded on the table - red, orange, purple, navy and floral table runner | Fall home decor | Shannon Fraser Designs #tablerunner

The other thing I love about these smaller projects is that you can try out different quilting techniques. I tend to get a little nervous when I’m using a different colour thread in my bobbin. I think it goes back to my days when I was stitching on my Singer and I allllways had problems with my tension. Ever since getting my Juki (read more about that here), tension issues have been a thing of the past, but I still think it’s going to be a problem. Testing these things out on this type of project gives you the opportunity to try it out without feeling like you’re going to ruin one of your larger quilts. 

With the holidays rapidly heading our way, this modern table runner makes for a great gift for your loved ones too! 

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Happy quilting! 



PS I’m officially knocking this one off my very long Q4 FAL list 😉 


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