Double Windmill Quilt Featured in Curated Quilts Magazine

Double Windmill Quilt featured in Curated Quilts Magazine Half Square Triangles Issue | Shannon Fraser Designs 

Do you have a quilt you’ve made that conjures so many happy memories?

The Double Windmill quilt is the one that instantly comes to mind for me.

I first designed this quilt all the way back in 2017, but it wasn’t until 2018 that I actually made my first one.

And that’s a little crazy to me because after I had designed her, I was just itching to make her. You know that feeling? The one that gets you all fired up inside. Yeah, it was that feeling!

Blue and yellow Double Windmill Quilt on the dock in the summer | Featured in Curated Quilts Magazine | Shannon Fraser Designs #halfsquaretriangles

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When I set a goal for myself in 2018 to get published, I couldn’t think of a more perfect quilt to pitch.

So, I did!

I pitched her to Love Patchwork and Quilting Magazine and not only was she accepted, but she landed the cover – whaaaa? 

How freakin’ cool and amazing is that?!

Blue and yellow Double Windmill Quilt on wooden dock in front of a lake | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernquiltpatterns

When I was showing my dad the magazine and telling him about how she came to be, he was so impressed and proud. But I noted how much he really loved the design.

I had intended to make him an entirely different quilt for his birthday, but since he loved this one so much, I decided to change my plans.

Quilting details on the blue and yellow Double Windmill quilt featured in Curated Quilts magazine | Shannon Fraser Designs #halfsquaretriangles

To keep it entirely a surprise, I covertly asked him (almost a year before I gifted him his quilt) what his favourite colour is – “blue” was his immediate response.

I then asked what his second favourite colour is – “yellow” he said.

Armed with this information, I set out to find the perfect blues and yellow that I thought he would be happy with.

Since blue was his favourite, I focused the majority of the colourway on that colour and then used yellow as a fun pop and to keep it fresh and bright.

The best part was how emotional he was when I gifted it to him for his birthday. It means the world to me that I get to share my passion for quilting with my dad and know that the quilt is bringing him comfort and joy on the daily.

Blue and yellow Double Windmill quilt featured in Curated Quilts half square triangles issue | Shannon Fraser Designs #quiltmagazine

My hand holding open Curated Quilts Magazine featuring my blue and yellow Double Windmill quilt | Shannon Fraser Designs #quiltsinthewild

When Curated Quilts reached out to inquire about featuring his Double Windmill quilt in their Half Square Triangles issue, I was doubly touched. Super touched to be asked (‘cause that’s always super fun!), but even more excited that it was my dad’s quilt they wanted to feature. It’s a special moment in my journey that I get to share with my dad. Definitely cherishing this memory 😊

You can find a ton of inspiration in the latest Half Square Triangles issue of *Curated Quilts magazine.  Use code KK2DFC to save 10% off your issue!! And make your very own with the Double Windmill quilt pattern!

Happy quilting!




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  • That’s a gorgeous quilt, Shannon.


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