Beware of Frixion Markers

 Beware of Frixion Markers - a quliter's cautionary tale | Shannon Fraser Designs

This post is for my fellow quilters, sewers and crafters :)  

After lots of love and care in planning designing and sewing a special holiday gift, I was at the quilting stage only to have this happen….

Close up of bleach stains on quilt from using Frixion markers | Shannon Fraser Designs

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My *Pilot Frixion markers, which I have been in LOVE with, left a very visible bleached mark after ironing – I was horrified!

I have used my markers on numerous occasions and never had an issue –  ever – until now.

I've used the very same marker on other fabric without any issues, but it would seem these blue Kona cottons are the exception. I've also since tried it out on other dark fabrics with the same effect.

Pilot Frixion markers color pack

A quick google search proved others are having similar issues, so beware! Test each new fabric first before marking your beloved quilt tops.

Blue patchwork mini quilt showing bleach stains from using Frixion markers

And apparently the *pens aren't any better.  For any of us living in a cold climate, I also discovered this problem with markings “blooming” back in the cold – ugh just when I thought I had found a great solution.

Got any great tips? Share them in the comments so we can all find a worry free technique!!




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