7 Handmade Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

 Double Chevron quilted pillow in light blue with chartreuse and navy floral | 7 Handmade Gift Ideas for Mother's Day | Shannon Fraser Designs

Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching, and, of all the days of the year, this is the day where you want to go all out.

After all, our mom’s have done so much for us over the years. They’re our biggest champions and sometimes most vocal critics! But, through it all, they have our best interests at heart.

So, on the day that celebrates the woman who’s usually behind the scenes, showing up on the daily and just getting things done let’s make this a day that lets her shine.

Handmade needle book and handmade zip pouch | 7 handmade gift ideas for Mother's Day | Shannon Fraser Designs

The best way I know of to show how much I care is through my handmade creations. And my mum has been the inspiration and recipient of many of my makes.

Here are just a few ideas that I’ve gifted to her in the past that might just be perfect for your mom too!


One of the first handmade items I ever made my mum was a gardening apron. This is what kicked off my sewing business and, while I no longer make aprons, they still hold a special place in my heart. Here’s a lovely pattern that has pockets and slight ruffles – super cute. If you prefer full coverage, this linen pinafore would be awesome. 


My mum’s husband jokes about how their place is being overtaken by pillows. My mum and I have a mutual love for cushions. How can you resist that squish factor? I simply can’t! Plus, they’re the quickest way to change up the feel of a room. I love my pillows to be finished with a zipper. I find it contains the pillow better. Means less shifting. And has a clean polished finish. Don’t fear the zipper!  I share some of my top zipper installation tips with you in the Double Chevron pillow pattern. Here are two very different pillows I’ve gifted her:

Hand quilted purple and yellow butterfly pillow | 7 handmade gift ideas for Mother's Day | Shannon Fraser Designs

Butterfly Pattern available from Lillyella.

Double Chevron quilted pillow in light blue essex linen with chartreuse and navy floral printsDouble Chevron Lumbar Pillow pattern available in the shop.


Does your mom like to sew? Why not make her an adorable pincushion or needle book? One of the very first items I ever made my mum was this Sit ‘n Sew Pincushion. I love using notions other makers have made for me. Every time I use the notion, I think of them. Love that! 

Rollakan fabric from FIGO Fabrics featured in the Sit 'n Sew Pincushion | 7 Handmade gift ideas for Mother's Day | Shannon Fraser Designs

Sit 'n Sew Pincushion pattern available in the shop.

Which reminds me of this sweet needle book Amy gifted to me when I was participating in the Sonata Showcase. It has pride of place in my sewing bag and I think of Amy and that quilting experience every time I reach for my needles! Here’s a tutorial over on nanaCompany to make your own.

Needlebook handmade for me by Amy from nanaCompany 


Quilts take a little longer to whip up, but the Winter Star quilt I gifted my mum several years back is a quick make (unless of course you decide to hand quilt her, like I did, in which case….it will take quiiiiiite a bit longer!). This lap size is perfect for curling up on the sofa to watch a favourite movie or settle in to read a book (the latter is my mum’s fave!). 

Winter Star quilt pattern in the winter wild | Shannon Fraser Designs

Winter Star quilt pattern available in the shop.


If you still want to go the quilt route but feel you don’t have enough time, consider a mini quilted wall hanging. I have gifted these on several occasions and they’ve been well received. Who wouldn’t love a custom piece of fiber art in their home? The Double Windmill or Cloud Surfing mini quilted wall hangings are perfect for this! 

Peach, orange, coral, burgundy and lavender Cloud Surfing baby quilt | Shannon Fraser Designs

Cloud Surfing quilt pattern available in the shop.


A table runner is perfect for the entertaining lover and my mum ADORES entertaining! She’s got a busier social life than me – ha! Table linens are a key component to setting the table scene for your guests. And a custom quilted table runner takes setting the table next level. I quilted up this Modern Aztec table runner for her birthday last year and she loved it! She even featured it on her dining table for her New Year’s Eve celebration.

Modern Aztec quilted table runner featuring Fantasy fabric with Artisan cotton + linen

Modern Aztec quilted table runner pattern available in the shop.


I have made so many zip pouches for my mum. Just like pillows, can you really have too many zip pouches? I think not! They are so practical for keeping small items corralled and organized, especially when on the go.

I love it when zip pouches open nice and wide and this one by Noodle Head or this 3 pocket version by Aneela Hoey are great options.

Open zip pouch featuring mustard yellow fabric with fall colored helicopters

I hope this round up of fast handmade ideas inspires you to whip up a fun project to wow your mom and make her feel extra special.

What’s your favourite gift you’ve ever gifted your mom for Mother’s Day?

Happy stitching!




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