And, congratulations!! You’ve just taken the first important step in taming your scraps! Well done 😊


Yellow scrap fabrics laid out in a row | 7-Day Scrap Sorting Challenge | Shannon Fraser Designs

This is the beginning of your fun scrappy challenge.

Get ready to be led step-by-step to fabric scraps wrangling success!

The challenge is broken down into small manageable steps, so you don’t get overwhelmed. Every day you’ll get a new challenge sent to your inbox which will guide you through taking stock of your Scrap Lands, narrowing down a scrap source, sorting by colour and then storing for easy access and maintenance. Plus, keep an eye out for a fun bonus at the end!

It's going to get a little messy before it gets better, but I know you’ve got this!

I’ll see you inside the 7-Day Scrap Sorting Challenge! 



PS not seeing an email in your inbox? Check your spam folder! Otherwise, send me an email to info@shannonfraserdesigns.com and I’ll help get you sorted!