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What sewing machine do I quilt on?

My lovable workhorse a Juki TL-2010Q. She. Just. Works. I love her!

But I started off  with an entry level Singer. It wasn't ideal for quilting, yet I managed to make several quilts on her, including my very first quilt (which you can learn more about here). So, don't let the type of sewing machine you have stop you from getting started. Just get started!

How do I pick my colourways?

I'm known for my fabric and colour pairings. Which I think is so fitting, given that I taught myself how to sew and quilt because I love fabric and colour and wanted to make things with them! I believe we all have a unique sense of style and that comes through in a person's fabric pairings. It's their own personal flare. The short answer is that I build it based on instinct and how I'm feeling. I'm working on verbalising it for you, so, keep an eye out for that!

Where do I buy my fabric?

I shop primarily online for my fabric. I've shared a full list of places I shop from, have had recommended to me by trusted quilty friends and/ or plan on purchasing from.

What notions do I recommend when starting out?

Since there is so much to cover for this topic, I've prepared the following posts to help out:


What's my favourite part of the quilting journey?

Ooh, this is a tough one. There are so many moments along the way that I really cherish. Designing a pattern. Picking the fabrics. Piecing the blocks. And binding. Love all of those moments.

Are you a solids or print kind of girl?

This really depends, but as of late, I've really been drawn to working with solids. I do love a good printed binding though 😉

Do I label my quilts?

I always label my quilts. Except, oddly enough, my first one! I piece a unique block with fabrics I used in the quilt. I then write all the quilt details such as, the quilt name, my name, date and location. The label is hand stitched to the back of the quilt during the hand binding stage. I love the handmade detail this adds to the quilt design. Here's a tutorial and free pattern to make your own.

Will I make you a custom quilt?

Yes, I can make you a custom quilt based on one of my existing quilt designs. Pricing starts at $1,000 USD. Email me for more info.   

Do I offer wholesale?

 Yes, absolutely! Please contact me here

Do I use affiliate links?

Yes, I do use some affiliate links based on products that I personally recommend and use. If you click on an affiliate link and buy from that website, I may get a small commission. This doesn't cost you anything extra and it helps support the free content I develop for you!

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I hope this has helped answer all your burning questions! Have one that I haven't covered yet? I'm all ears! Send me an email.

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