Rainfall 2/20
Rainfall 2/20
Rainfall 2/20

Rainfall 2/20

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Dimensions 6.25”x5.25”

Original signed and mounted on an 8”x10” matboard.

Handmade fiber art from my 100 Days of Mini Collages 2023 creative exploration. Every day for 100 days I would work on a mini composition. Each piece was developed over a series of days: first the collage, then the machine quilting, and finally the hand quilting for added texture and dimension as I explored shapes, design, composition, and colour play.

The one-of-a-kind pieces have been mounted to matboards, signed on the front, their name and number indicated on the back for an original piece from this 20-piece collection. The artwork has been intentionally left floating on the matboard so you can see the details that run to the edges, observe the fraying fibers from working with raw-edge fabric, and see the shadows the Kantha style stitches, and modern embroidery techniques create.

Ready to be framed in an 8”x10” frame.

Mixed media fiber art

Materials include: 100% quilting cotton, 100% cotton batting, pearl cotton thread, 100% cotton thread.

Dimension 6.25”x5.25”

Signed and mounted on an 8” x 10” matboard.

Original 2/20

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